David Tuffs


Written by Luke Herzog, Editor

David Tuffs, a member of Pacific Grove High School’s Mock Trial and Model UN teams, has had a fascination with civics for quite some time. Recently, the senior got a small taste of government first-hand. Participating in the school’s weeklong Close-Up trip to Washington, D.C., David joined students from across the country who enjoyed the opportunity to tour the nation’s capital and engage in political discourse. “Close-Up was very interesting,” says David, “primarily because I got to have meaningful, respectful conversations with people with different political opinions.” Striking-up a friendly dialogue, David maintains he found a lot of common ground. In more formal group debates, he made sure to argue on the side opposite his natural inclination and, as a result, came out of it much more empathetic. For his interest in participating in national conversations and his passion for exploring politics and government, David Tuffs is our Breaker of the Week.