You Didn’t See Baklavia? You Missed Out.

Written by Becky Phillips, Journalist

Pacific Grove High School’s Seawing Theatre performed Baklavia throughout the month of November. The play, focusing on a family-run bakery in Greece, places a comedic spin on the family’s inability to pay their taxes. As any family would, the hard-working bakers decide to create their own country – with their own rules. Baklavia is born. Of course, this new country runs into incessant issues. From romances with a narcissistic photographer to battles fought with pastry guns, Baklavia was not one to miss.

Despite the at times confusing storyline and small performance space, the star of the show was the cast. With roles played by all ages and classes, they produced a hilarious and memorable show.

Although Baklavia has come to a close, the Seawing Theatre will perform again. Don’t deprive yourself of another fantastic production and go see it.