Thanksgiving Traditions from the Newsbreaker Staff!


Written by Mei Bailey, Writer

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. From long awaited (or slightly painful) family reunions and plane rides and road trips to the heaping plates of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving represents the best of American tradition.

Here are some delicious Thanksgiving highlights from some of our very own Newsbreaker staff!


Becky – Photographer

Her own tradition is that she loves to try new recipes in the kitchen, despite what her family has eaten in the past. She’s made her famous “Sky High Apple Pie” for a few years in a row now, and it may become a staple to stay. Despite the pie, Becky’s family aims for a healthier version of the traditional Thanksgiving feast; instead of mountainous piles of buttery mashed potatoes, her mother makes a simple stir-fry and garlic kale dish, as well as green beans and a colorful plate of roasted vegetables.


Ashley – Journalist

Ashley’s family enjoys the typical turkey, pumpkin pie, and vegetables, but also mincemeat pie and brie and cranberry croissant cups. Because Ashley disliked turkey as a child, her mother created a new Thanksgiving tradition: the Egg Bake, a quiche-like casserole with eggs, sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon. Great for leftovers the next morning!


Grace – Photographer

Grace has travelled to Fresno every Thanksgiving for as long as she can remember to visit her grandmother’s house and orchard. This year, her grandmother passed down to Grace her traditional style of making perfectly shaped rolls, a technique that requires the baker to squeeze the dough through his or her hands. She also experimented with carving out small pumpkins in order to make delicious and organic soup bowls.


Happy Holidays from the Newsbreaker Staff!