Danish Ad Breaks Barriers


Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

In a Danish TV ad “All That We Share,” different groups of Danes walk through a door and are separated into various “boxes” by several divisions: more wealthy and poor, more trustworthy and less trustworthy, immigrants and those who have lived in Denmark their entire lives. These are only a few of the boundless divisions that exist in every society on Earth today, not just Denmark.

However, the host then begins to ask questions designed to get people out of their boxes and in front of everyone. He asks: “Who in this room was the class clown?”;”Who are stepparents?”;”How many of you love to dance?” as more and more people begin to file out of their preset zones and move forward.

As more people begin to mix and mingle from their separate boxes, it is clear that those social and economic divisions do not, in reality, make those people any different from the rest of those in the room. The people in the room, now joyous and talkative, move freely about, unrestricted by their previous barriers. In the end, the host asks “who loves Denmark?” and everyone comes forward.

The ad illustrates a very key problem in current societies: predispositions about certain people stymies our ability to move forward together, as they 

are held back by divisions that truly do not define who we are as people. If more people can talk to people they would not normally talk to or be more open minded, those barriers could be forgotten and discarded.

If you want to make a difference in the world, talk to the new kid at school, or sit with someone different at lunch. Simply making that one interaction can completely change their day (and yours) and make them feel more welcome and more likely to talk to new people themselves. If you would like to see this poignant video for yourself, please refer here.