Shoe Game 2017

Written by Freddy Albert, Sports Writer

Photo credits to Madison Snow /Grace Hardin

The ever-coveted Shoe has been fought over by Carmel and Pacific Grove for seventy years. Both communities take great pride in who takes control over the bronzed trophy. The 2017 Breaker footballteam, with only one win for the season, looked at this years Shoe game to put a bright ending to the gloomy season.


However, the 70th Shoe Game was dominated by Carmel. Throughout the contest the Breaker defense was worn down and kept on the field for the majority of the game. On the other side of the ball, Pacific Grove’s offense had trouble maintaining a drive, a continuing hardship from the entire season.


The first quarter left the breakers down by multiple touchdowns.


In the second quarter PG’s starting quarterback, Ben Minik, suffered a concussion and backup Freddy Albert was called on to finish the game.

Not much changed in the second half of the game, no long drives were sustained resulting in no points for Pacific Grove. Additionally, the Padre offense wore down Pacific Grove’s defense,concluding the game with a final score of 64-0.


In the first quarter sophomore had a circus like one-handed catch by the sideline to give the Breakers a first down. The remarkable catch was featured in local news coverage Friday Night Blitz.


The game marked the end of football for the team’s senior class. Seniors, Nate Lominario, Carlos Melendez, Jackson Schoolmeester, Genghis Telua, Josh Fuller, and Josh Vernon were honored before the game because it was the final game they played in Pacific Grove.


The moment was especially memorable for linemen Josh Vernon, a varsity player for three years, who had been to the CCS championship game with the Breakers his sophomore year.


Before the tradition of the Shoe game unfolded, the Breaker’s JV team beat Carmel 14-17 in a thrilling second half comeback to win The Sock to complete an undefeated season.


Despite the disappointing season, the Breaker Football Program has high hopes for the seasons to come. With a talented JV team and very few graduated seniors the future for Breaker football is bright.