Rachel House


Written by Mei Bailey, Journalist

Rachel House, senior, completed her final cross country season last Thursday at the MTAL League Meet. She crossed the finish line of the 3 mile course at 23:35, cutting almost a minute off her personal record from the same course two weeks ago. More impressively, her time last week was nearly three minutes faster than her freshman season, showing an incredible improvement in the last four years. Rachel’s running schedule was unique however, for she suffered a major hip injury sophomore year. The doctor told her she could not complete the cross country season if she ever wanted to run again. “My mood really deteriorated for a while and I was in a lot of pain any time I walked,” she comments. After a painful absence, Rachel finally returned to the running scene her Junior year, where she raced the 2 mile in track. But she did not come back to the cross country team until the beginning of Senior year, joining a team she had not raced with since 2014. “I’ve had the best team this season that kept me motivated at my lowest points,” Rachel reflects, regarding her major personal records for each race she competed in this year. From moving from the second to last place runner on the JV team to the second or third runner on Varsity, Rachel’s improvement and motivation throughout her racing career is an inspiration to all.