BreakerBots Hold Their Own at the Captial City Classic

Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

At Pleasant Grove High School, PGHS’ own Robotics Team, the BreakerBots, competed in the Capital City Classic against 42 other teams over two days for a chance to win one of their off-season events. The goal of the competition was to have 6 robots, or 3 robots per alliance, go head to head in a challenge to collect and place as many 10 inch gear pieces possible in 2.75 minutes. In the first 15 seconds, the robots worked autonomously, using only code and sensors to guide it in the game, and in the remaining 150 seconds, the robots raced to collect, place gears, and finally climb a rope and remain hanging when the match ends. These goals and requirements were the same as they were last year during the on-season events, known collectively as “Steam Works.” (For a link to learn more about the past competitions of the BreakerBots or more information about the Steamworks competition, please refer here.)

Not all was the same this time around, however. For the first time, the BreakerBots “ran two separate teams, kind of like a Varsity and JV team, each with their own robot (Archer and Charlotte respectively),” says senior Vanessa Barragan.  Both robots had relatively new drive teams, so it “was a great learning experience for everyone,” adds Barragan.

By the end of the qualification matches, their robots Archer and Charlotte ranked 13th and 37th (out of 42), respectively. Due to their high rank by the end of qualifications, Archer and its drive team (consisting of Vanessa Barragan, Brennen Rhoades, Luca Lauritzen, Carlos Michel-Luhrs, and David Von Giese) were selected by the 7th Seed Alliance to go further into the quarterfinals. The 7th Seed Alliance consisted of Alliance Captain Team 5700 (SOTA Cyberdragons), Team 5458 (Digital Minds), Team 5104 (Breakerbots), and reserve Team 4643 (Butte Built Bots). The alliance fought hard and played well but were ultimately eliminated in the quarterfinals. In spite of their loss, “this off season competition helped to teach the members of the team how to better prepare, cooperate, and compete in efforts to be champions in future competitions,” claims Zeus Marquez, Captain of the BreakerBots.

Their next competition is this upcoming weekend, November 10-11, 2017 at Madtown Throwdown. Both Archer and Charlotte will compete side by side in an effort to bring home another trophy.

The Robotics team relies on donations and community support. If you, your family, or your friends wish to support the BreakBots, consider donating at this website:

Any contribution you make greatly benefits the team, allowing them to purchase new parts and participate in more competitions.