Izzy Rowntree


Written by Mei Bailey, Journalist

Acting in PGHS’s upcoming fall play, Baklavia, is Izzy Rowntree, a sophomore. In addition to playing one of the main roles in the production, Izzy also helps paint the sets and run the lighting. Baklavia, which opens next Wednesday, is not Izzy’s first show; in fact, she has been acting for as long as she can remember, and has never gotten bored of the stage. Drama is only one of many kinds of performance that Izzy enjoys. She also sings in the school choir and acts in the annual spring musical, as well as participating in community theater during the summer. Next month, she is headed to ACDA Regional Honor Choir, a selective choir that accepts singers from across California. Izzy’s talents are widespread and well appreciated, and not underrated in the PGHS arts community.