Billy the Breaker Breaks Out of PG


Written by Isabella Rowntree, Journalist

‘Tis the season of holidays and school breaks! This is the time in the school year when the student body struggles to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or the relief at the end of the semester that is, and schools breaks are the only thing giving hope to students and teachers alike. As Pacific Grove High School crashes back into the normal school schedule, now more than ever students and teachers must reflect over this past October break in hopes that golden memories will help them in the painful transition.

Over this past October break, students and faculty have traveled far and wide carrying their Breaker spirit with them. Billy the Breaker has traveled to the East Coast this October break, with a pit stop at Disneyland on the way. Swinging by the Big Apple and beautiful Massachusetts on his way back to Pacific Grove, Billy the Breaker accompanied students and teachers on their exciting journeys away from school. October break was the first time Billy had gone on vacation with teachers and students of Pacific Grove High School, and Billy had a blast!


“I am so excited to spend time with my friends and family.” exclaimed Bella Rohrer, sophomore class president, when asked about her plans before break. “Oh, and I’m really happy not to have homework of course!” Bella added. She visited her grandmother in Massachusetts over fall break, accompanied by Billy the Breaker, and the beautiful fall colors of New England. Bella brought Billy the Breaker to the highest mountain in Massachusetts, and she can’t wait to take him to Mexico with her during Winter break!

Bella wasn’t the only one who was excited to have a break from school, English teacher Mrs. Bulich was stoked to have time to spend with her family while showing Billy the Breaker around LA and the magical world of Disneyland. “I am excited to spend some time with my kids over break,” commented Mrs. Bulich before setting off on her travels, “and my kids are very excited for Disneyland!” Billy got to meet Mickey Mouse and explore areas outside of Pacific Grove. Needless to say, everyone had a blast over October break.

Although Pacific Grove High students traveled all over to take vacations, their Breaker pride always shines bright. Billy the Breaker is excited to go on more adventures during the upcoming school breaks with the students and faculty of PGHS, but, for the meantime, he’s glad to be home in foggy PG. Winter break is especially exciting to Billy. Billy hopes to go skiing, ice skating, and take part in other festivities with the students of Pacific Grove High School after they drudge their way through finals and make it to the end of second quarter.