What is TASK 4 U & Me?

Written by Adrian Clark and Dianna Gamecho

Together Achieving Successful Kindness

The founder of T.A.S.K  Dianna Gamecho states the growth of her organization the best: “Like Asian Bamboo, it takes years before the seed shows itself as success…. For the first 4 years, we water, we nurture, we maintain, and we guide it’s direction of growth. It takes 5 years before the first sign of growth appears… then, within 30 days, the bamboo grows 90 feet tall.” This is the guiding story of T.A.S.K. 4 U & Me.

T.A.S.K. is an acronym for “together achieving successful kindness” and this is practiced daily on our campus at Pacific Grove High School, in our community, in our country, and worldwide.

Task started out as a lunch time club at Pacific Grove Middle School in September 2004, proven as a “long standing, self-sustaining” program with 17 students the first year, with the vision of doing 4 projects a year:  a school project, a community project, a county project, and an international project.

With their first project being painting the 5 way cross walk at 17 Mile Dr. and Sunset, their are now global with over 13 projects in Nicaragua. Some of which include building a school cafeteria, a flourishing music academy, and a wonderful art program. T.A.S.K. delivers over 350 backpacks each year to several different villages, with a year’s worth of school supplies in each backpack and a handful of other goodies. Since 2010, they have had 9 teams travel to Nicaragua and changed the lives of hundreds of students each year locally, in other U.S. states, as well as Nicaragua.

While discussing the growth of the non-profit, Dianna Gamecho stated that “T.A.S.K. has morphed into something I could have never dreamed of these over 13 years”. She also discusses how she is ”currently teaching at the community level: “the gift of receiving as you give,” where teaching it is a JOY not a JOB, and to do community service as we connect hearts and communities at many levels”.

The students that travel each year must study with her and their parents for 15 – 25 weeks. In doing so, they are learning of the cultural experience and learning how to fundraise, while also doing community service right here in our own community as they  prepare to go to a place that is far less fortunate. All the participants earn their way for travel and then continue to fundraise for projects. It is a life changing experience for all participants, students, and adults.

They have recently added two more phase to the organization, now being a three phase program:


Phase one:  T.A.S.K. 4 U & Me Foundation, Inc.:   A foundation that gives opportunity for participating on a travel team – community level.  Received our 501©3 status in 2016.

Phase two:  T.A.S.K. Tuesday – A high school lunch club – do local and international projects without travel.

Phase three:  Tiny T.A.S.K.  – Elementary school level (never too young to learn the goodness of giving to others) – High school students will mentor the elementary students and do projects together.


If anyone is interested in being part if T.A.S.K. or would like to know more, visit Mrs. Gamecho in the attendance office or visit www.task4unme.com.