Center Meet Standings Show Promise for the Breakers

Written by Mei Bailey, Journalist

TORO PARK – On Thursday, October 19th, Boy’s Varsity Cross Country claimed second place at the MTAL Center Meet, a race consisting of fourteen local teams.

As the gun fired, Marina’s Christopher Plascencia took off down the first straightaway ten meters in front of the pack, while the seven Breaker runners stayed towards the middle. The racers began to find their pace during the middle of the first mile, and top Pacific Grove runners Henry Loh and Will Stefanou started to make their way to the front.

Leading the pack along with Plascencia, four Greenfield runners kept tightly together throughout the first mile and a half, as well as at the beginning of the most difficult and extremely hilly section of the course.

In cross country, where the first five runners on each team score points based on their place, the tension was high for the Pacific Grove fans as they wondered if the Breakers could split up the Greenfield pack and lower their opponent’s final score.

Streaming out of the hills was Will Stefanou, only about fifteen meters behind Plascencia, at the beginning of the last 800 meter stretch. As they rounded the first corner of the loop, Stefanou began to close the gap between him and Plascencia, and by the last straightaway, they were racing neck and neck.

Stefanou crossed the finish line of the three mile course in 16:12 minutes, only a second behind Plascencia.

Loh came finished in fourth place, with a time of 16:28.

The varsity boys finished second overall, scoring 72 points to Greenfield’s 32. Although the Breakers were missing another one of their top runners for this meet, Jacob Alt, this race gave the team a good feeling of what the League Championship, raced on the same course, would be like. If the Breakers can surpass Greenfield, they will take the League title.

“It went pretty well, considering we were missing Jake,” comments Henry Loh. “Once he comes back, we expect to do better.”

The girl’s varsity team finished in fifth place with 143 points, only ten points away from fourth place King City. They are looking now at the Mustangs as the team to beat, for only the top four teams in the league can qualify for the CCS Championships in November. With focused training in the next two weeks and the return of Sophomore Noor Benny to the team, the girl’s varsity has a strong chance of qualifying for CCS.

For the hopeful boys team, Loh states that “It will require our utmost concentration, but two weeks from now, we have a good chance of winning. It will be a great meet, so come to Toro Park on November 2nd!”