Baklavia: A Revolutionary Farce

Written by Ashley Lyon, Journalist

Revolution, romance, and delicious pastries: Baklavia, this year’s fall drama production, has it all. The story follows a Grecian bakery’s struggle for independence from their tax-zealous government. Along the way, the small factory encounters a pastry-loving taxer, a war-hungry general, a heartbreaking photographer, a British reporter, and a “Three-Stooges-Army.” From coffee addiction to pastry-gun fights to the quest for a perfect national anthem, Baklavia’s antics are guaranteed to entertain its audience with its hilarity. Directed by Lillian Griffiths and Katie Selfridge, the play features the student talents of Katie Bitter, Adrian Clark, Isabella Rowntree, Luke Herzog, Ashley Lyon, Jesse Herzog, Grace Woods, Isaiah Boulware, Zeus Marquez, Jordi Modisette, Bogdan Grots, Marina Lieberman, Kyla Rubacalva, Tyra Domalaog, Elijah Taurke, Joely Kaatz, Juliana Heritage, and Allison Eng. Baklavia opens November 1 and runs through November 11 with performances Wednesdays-Saturdays. Don’t miss it!