Fog Clears for Sunny Senior Picnic


Written by Mei Bailey, journalist

On Monday, October 2nd, two buses of excited seniors headed down to Lover’s Point for the annual Senior Picnic. Towels and tote bags in hand, they raced from the buses down to the beach to claim their spots on the sand and on the pier.

Fortunately, the fog from the prior weekend had cleared, and the weather was perfect for a day away from school. Students were quick to inflate giant pizza slice floats and pool rafts and head out into the sea. People took countless pictures as friends jumped off the pier, played frisbee and lacrosse, or relaxed on the beach with a book and a guitar.

Excitement peaked when Michael’s Taqueria arrived at around noon to cater lunch to the hungry seniors. The water became suddenly empty as they rushed to the picnic area above the sand, where Michael’s had set up a long table of delicious food, including burritos, taquitos, chicken, beef, chips, and guacamole. After grabbing heaping plates of rice and other steak, seniors settled down on the rock wall or the grass to talk with friends and enjoy their lunch.

Ashley Lyon, one of seniors attending the picnic, describes her experience as “full of  “good food, good weather, fun floaties, and friendship. Besides the occasional injury, I think that everyone was having a great time.”

Overall, the Senior Picnic was a great way to set the mood for the rest of the year for the graduating class. Throughout the day, the seniors were able to further bond with each other, eat delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful beach and weather.