BreakerBots Catch a Break


Written by Oscar Scholin , Journalist

The PGHS Robotics team, the BreakerBots, saw metal, sanded wood, wired connectors, and compiled code not only in the hopes of winning a tournament, but with a goal of educating teenagers about robotics. Member of the robotics team means must have a desire to learn about robotics, but also have a commitment to the team as a whole. If you are interested in robotics and think you have what it takes to be a BreakerBot, then contact Zeus Marquez at [email protected].


At Bellarmine Preparatory School in San Jose, the BreakerBots competed in an off- season event known as “Chezy Champs” hosted by the FRC Team 254, the Cheezy Poofs. This competition is renowned as a competition for the “Best in the West” for FIRST Robotics Competitions. The BreakerBots competed with their robot Archer at this event, hoping to succeed. They competed against 40 other teams that applied to attend the competition and were selectively chosen by Team 254 to participate in the competition. This tournament was the first off season event for the team this year and “despite playing with some of the best teams on the West Coast, we were able to perform well with our alliances to keep us at high rankings on the first day of matches,” remarks Team Captain and Senior Zeus Marquez. During the second day, the rounds intensified and they ranked 21 out of 40 teams at the end of the qualification rounds. Their performance throughout the matches allowed Team 254, the hosts of the even, to choose them as their reserve team as a part of their Alliance in the finals, placing them with the number one seeded team at the competition. Their main function during the matches was to act as a substitute in case any of the robots on the alliance failed to perform or needed to be switched out strategically. However, the Archer was not needed during any of the final rounds, but the BreakerBots and their robot were at the ready nonetheless. By the end of finals, the BreakerBots’ alliance had won the competition, meaning as an alliance member they also won. As a reward for the hard work of the BreakerBots, they received a commemorative blue banner and a trophy. Their next competition, another off-season event, is on October 14 and 15 at the competition called “Cal Games,” held at Evergreen High School in San Jose. They will compete with 35 other teams for another chance to claim victory. For this next competition, Marquez plans on “incorporating a new drive team of veteran members so that the members of the team are able to experience the roles of being an active member of the matches for team.”

The Robotics team relies on donation and community support. If you, your family, or your friends wish to support the BreakBots, consider donating at this website: Any contribution you make greatly benefits the team, allowing them to purchase new parts and participate in more competitions.