Breakers Girls Tennis Starts Off Strong

by Michelle Lee


Written by Michelle Lee , Journalist

The Breaker Girls tennis team started the season off strong with 3 back to back games.

They were victorious in their matches against Oakwood (5-2) and York (4-3) and lost by a narrow margin to Carmel. I interviewed some team members regarding the Oakwood match away. Caroline Coen, the 1st doubles player, commented that her serves were good, and she worked well with her partner. Doubles player Katie Hansen, said that “it was really hot, but I’m glad I won my first match ever. It’s my first year playing.” Cassandra and McKayla Brown, a doubles pair, agreed that the match was a “really good start to the season.” Yuri Suzuki, 3rd singles, said that “I was definitely hindered by the heat, and I could have played better, but I’m glad I won.” Lizzy, a doubles player, mentioned that “this was the first tennis game in a long time so everything was kind of new, but I think I performed above average and most of my serves were going in, so I was happy, which I think helped us win.”

The next home game for the tennis team is on Thursday, the 21st, the day before the homecoming football game. They will be playing Carmel again.