Senior Newspaper



Michael McMurtry: Senior Prom with my best friends


Mattea Nieves: Performing Beauty and the Beast


Parker Staples: Spring break 2016


Lauren Pick: Choir Disneyland Trip Senior Year


Tyberious Barrett: Umm, I don’t know. Graduation I hope?


Jessica Natale: Going to Lacey’s party with my best friends Jayla, Andrew, Cathrina, Leah, and Connor. (Halloween Junior Year.)


Olivia Cain: Capper Trap. You all made it so special, thanks.


Reina Karaki: Meeting Iliana and Mattea and having the best teachers.


Kinza Pervaiz: Competing with the Dance Team for the first time


Cathy Nader: The first day of freshmen year.


Jackson Klarsfeld: Disneyland


Nick Coppla: New years


Evan Christianson: When my basketball team won CCS in 2016


John Klein: Whenever I wasn’t at school


Eric Santos: Senior Trip


Savana McDowell: Playing team sports in PE sophomore year.


Analee Bonanno: when Jessica had a beetle in her pants


Christopher Will Crandell: Winning the Shoe sophomore year


Ethan Franklin: Being on varsity swim team all 4 years and meeting new friends each year.


Nami Suzuki: rally with the dance team


Benjamin Phillips: EDM Dance


Alexandria Patton: When the girls basketball team held Carmel to zero point for the entire first half my freshman year


Kayla Fife: when we won the shoe game my sophomore year.


Levi Sanks: Going camping with my friends


Skylar Stamey: Halloween junior year


Jacob Wren: Pole Vaulting and ccs


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Making food in Culinary Class.


Stephanie Procive: going to rallies


Gaurav Gurung: Winning CCS


Emmett Small: Everyday at the Lunch Bench was awesome


Thomas Melnick: Fred Rubin Health freshmen year <3


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Winning the shoe sophomore year


Canon Bukhari: Senior Year


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: Winning 2nd place in MTAL’s for swim senior year


Wes Hahn: Magically passing IM2 after failing one year, magically passing Spanish, or just passing classes in general


Kylie Koestner: Freshman year when Allie Patton’s weave fell out in geometry and she had to snatch it off the floor in front of a group of senior boys. #G-Unit


Fernando Roman: My hugging rampage at the last Hello Goodbye rally, our teachers are great huggers and should hug us students more.


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Watching Jessica being her loud self


Olivia Moses: Disneyland Grad Night


Nathan Mosqueda: Playing Football


Gamunu Gamage: Class with Mrs. Bulich and Coach mo


Gabryel Sohle: Disneyland Grad Night.


Matthew Mosqueda: My favorite memory was during football practice during my senior year , where Nick T tackled Calvin.


Jake Stokes: Playing Poker with friends at the F-wing Table


Luke Hiserman: Winning the Boys Tennis League Championships in 2015.


Isabel Cushman: Popping popcorn in Mr. Rubin’s room


Eli Elisco: Camping w everyone in Big Sur


Michael Lawhead: Going on the senior picnic


Miles Lewis: Lunch


Iliana Ruiz: Making new friends.


May Khalil: When Mr.Powers ended our breaks because I talked about myself in the third person


John Zeuthen: Not scoring for the other team.


Joseph Santos: Winning third place in culinary pizza competition


Trevor Moore: Senior Football Season


India Maaske: Disneyland Grad Night


Everett Millette: Running the mile in track


Rachel Choi: When Mr. Powers ended our breaks because of May (“did you just talk about yourself in third person?”)


Vanya Truong: when EJ said i was sexually attracted to ice cream


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Winter Ball


EJ Defensor: Practicing at home, alone.


Camden Smithtro: Watching Code 79


Wyatt King: Jake’s roasting at Disneyland


Takoda Fletcher: Coming out.


Kayla Fife: When we won the Shoe game my sophomore year.


Anna Stefanou: When I met Robertson Rice.


Kyle Groben: Football


Deaven C. Keller: Seeing Lexi in the bleachers at Football games.


Charlie Bursch: Scoring 16 points on my basketball senior night.


Andrew Morales: Beach patrols junior year with Jessica Natale and Jayla Ellis. My “Birthday party” at Charlie’s house when Morgan fell off the roof.


Omdev Elzafon: My house over summer.


Max Rutberg: OmDev beating up Noah at the beach.


Calvin Stickler: watching someone burn a couch at Asilomar.


Morgan Gamecho: Going to all of the football games


Nicole Weber: The best of times was having lunch with all my friends.


paola morales: winning the shoe sophomore year


Mack Sebok: Disneyland Trip


Foster Smith: Winning the Shoe


Shannon Sands: going home


Peter Tang: Choir trip to Disney


Jonah: I stopped being sick and felt fantastic for about a week.


Lucas Milar: When Mr. Grate caught Foster cheating on one of his tests!


Ryan Hartwell: Freshmen Year


Helena Kurocik: making the most amazing friends when I moved here Sophomore year


Lucas Melac: The time I met William Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: Winning the final game of the season against our new rival Anzar in soccer for the 2016-2017 season


Helice Eitelgeorge: Camping every year with my friends over the summer at Mt. Madonna


Ryann Horning: My favorite memories were hanging out at lunch with friends cause we always end up laughing and also bringing our dogs to school.


Christina Hashimoto: Cross country freshman and senior year, winning league.


Zachary Miller: Beating Carmel to win CCS in Basketball


Zach Goodwin: Lots of great memories at PG High! Prom & Winter Ball. Cross Country State Championship. Senior year soccer season. Football games with the Breaker Band. Student Voices & rally performances. Sophomore year, sixth period PE with my man Nadi Nader.


Nadi Nadar: Beating Anzar as our last soccer game to end a great season


Lexi Rohrer: Spending the day with everyone’s dogs for our Senior Prank


Shira Kershner: fighting the Padre


Arabella Sterwerf: When I went to Grad Nite with my friends.


Ally Herrera: Disneyland!!!!!!


Danny: Nerf War


Noah Cryns: Drawing a huge phallic symbol on the dune in Seaside and then getting chewed out by some random woman who proceeded to dismantle our masterpiece.


Jane Weichert: ROADTRIP! Between summer of Freshman and Sophomore year


Camille Colon: Being a Squawk


Mariah Powell: Christmas Eve


Seth Haid: Playing baseball


Michael McMurtry: Running the mile freshman year


Mattea Nieves: Sitting in bird crap sophomore year


Parker Staples: Spring Break 2016


Lauren Pick: Senior Nite Disneyland Trip ride home


Tyberious Barrett: Choir Disneyland trip and the senior Disneyland trip. All of my classes. School in general.


Jessica Natale: Nick and Trevor not shutting up on the way to Disneyland


Olivia Cain: Honestly, the drama. If you caused it, you know who you are.


Reina Karaki: Huge marks from science saftey goggles that don’t go away for a while.


Kinza Pervaiz: Forgetting the lyrics to a song in front of the entire school at Student Voices


Cathy Nader: AP testing time.


Jackson Klarsfeld: That time Mr. Light caught me cheating on a test.


Nick Coppla: waking up early every day


Evan Christianson: Renaissance Rally


John Klein: Whenever I was at school


Eric Santos: Finals


Savana McDowell: Failing tests in Honors English and History freshman year.


Analee Bonanno: Losing the shoe


Christopher Will Crandell: Losing the shoe


Ethan Franklin: Playing certain sports in PE.


Nami Suzuki: waking up early


Benjamin Phillips: Trying to manage my hair


Alexandria Patton: wrecking my car, Spice, coming home from basketball practice

Kayla Fife: When I walked around Del Monte with my pants split down the crack, and I didn’t notice until we had gone through multiple stores.


Skylar Stamey: When I got busted by Officer “Pretty Boy” Hawkins


Jacob Wren: 10th Grade


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Having to sit through super long lectures that we had read about the night before.


Stephanie Procive: getting lectured


Emmett Small: Getting an F in art.. like how do you do that


Thomas Melnick: Rubin #2, math is difficult. Rubin #2 is cool though.


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Getting mono for 6 months during my junior year


Canon Bukhari: AP Testing


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: mr afifi. he is not a nice man and he shouldn’t teach if he hates children so much.


Wes Hahn: Anything that wasn’t Senior year  


Kylie Koestner: Sophomore year when I got a black eye right before Sadie’s sophomore year.


Fernando Roman: Having to say goodbye to all my favorite teachers


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Taking tests


Nathan Mosqueda: Writing essays in English


Gabryel Sohle: Falling while cheering at a football game.


Matthew Mosqueda: The bus ride to Disneyland


Jake Stokes: Being roasted at Disney


Luke Hiserman: Spraining both of my ankles.


Isabel Cushman: In class rhetorical analysis essays


Eli Elisco: Omdev’s House… enough said


Miles Lewis: Studying


Iliana Ruiz: Emma moving to Georgia.


May Khalil: The time when Mr.D’amico yelled at the whole calculus class for copying the integration worksheet from Korpi


John Zeuthen: Scoring for the other team.


Joseph Santos: English Final


Trevor Moore: Sophomore Year


India Maaske: Junior year.


Everett Millette: Senior year semester 2


Rachel Choi: Physics


Vanya Truong: when i broke Henry Albert’s knee in P.E. freshman year during capture the flag and he was screaming and i was confused and thought he was faking an injury and then someone screamed, “I can see the bone!”


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Finals Week First Semester


EJ Defensor: “Now, will you be ruled by me?”


Camden Smithtro: Having to take a 0 on the AP World Northern Africa map.

Making Annabel cry during the chemistry debate.


Wyatt King: Not being able to record Jake’s roasting


Takoda Fletcher: What was going to be my last day here, because I love this place.


Kayla Fife: New Years Eve 2015


Anna Stefanou: When I realized that I have to leave Robertson Rice next year.


Kyle Groben: Mr. Afifi’s class


Deaven C. Keller: Not dating Lexi…


Charlie Bursch: Prom Party junior year


Andrew Morales: When Allie Patton and Jessica Natale set me up in assassins. Going to school.


Omdev Elzafon: finals.


Max Rutberg: Finals


Calvin Stickler: fire-die at the beach… nuff said


Morgan Gamecho: When John Klein dated my sister


Nicole Weber: The moment a teacher gives you filler work.


paola morales: losing the shoe senior year….


Mack Sebok: Slipping in main hall


Foster Smith: Getting caught cheating


Shannon Sands: going to school


Peter Tang: Going to first period


Jonah: I got really sick for like 2 weeks and couldn’t do anything about it.


Lucas Milar: When I was caught cheating in Spanish class.


Ryan Hartwell: Junior Year


Helena Kurocik: pulling all-nighters to study for tests


Lucas Melac: When I realized that I won’t see William Stefanou again.


Myles Kerchner: Freshman year


Helice Eitelgeorge: When friends turned out to be snakes


Ryann Horning: getting in fights over little things


Christina Hashimoto: Having broken right hand at the beginning of the year and a broken left wrist half-way through the year.


Zachary Miller: Studying for finals and AP tests Junior Year


Zach Goodwin: Tripping over a hurdle in front of the entire cross country team my freshman year…


Nadi Nadar: Getting pneumonia sophomore year


Lexi Rohrer: Taking the AP Calulus and AP French exams on the same day then getting my wisdom teeth out the next morning


Shira Kershner: First day of freshman year with GriffDog in Honors History.


Ally Herrera: end of junior year


Danny: Junior year in general.


Noah Cryns: Freshmen Year


Jane Weichert: Ride back from Disneyland


Camille Colon: Skylar not being at Christmas Eve


Mariah Powell: Junior year        


Seth Haid: Getting injured                                                                        


Michael McMurtry: Reem Benny


Mattea Nieves: Reina Karaki loml


Parker Staples: Jacob Wren


Lauren Pick: Danielle Lis


Tyberious Barrett: Susan Forebach-Smith


Jessica Natale: Caleb Torres and Parker McNally


Olivia Cain: Izze Rowntree, Luke Herzog, and the Oxford Comma


Reina Karaki: Mattea Nieves


Kinza Pervaiz: Jason Kim


Jackson Klarsfeld: Will Stefanou


Evan Christianson: Kim Kardashian  


John Klein: little secret


Savana McDowell: Tyler Popino


Trystan McAtee: Gavin Whiteside


Analee Bonanno: Blake Moore


Ethan Franklin: Kaitlyn Van Lone


Nami Suzuki: James


Benjamin Phillips: Tayler Garrett


Alexandria Patton: Ben Elisco


Kayla Fife: Blake Moore


Skylar Stamey: Eric Cuellar, Trevor Heyn


Jacob Wren: Parker


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: myself


Stephanie Procive: Myself


Gaurav Gurung: Canon Bhukari


Emmett Small: Rose Leslie


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Zeus Marquez


Canon Bukhari: Gaurav Gurung


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: CALVIN STICKLER AND NOAH CRYNS also brenda is an ugly rat<3


Wes Hahn: Steve Buscemi


Kylie Koestner: Eli’s voice, Jackson Klarsfeld, Grace Hardin and Gazel Isik


Fernando Roman: Mrs. Richmond


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Bernardo


Matthew Mosqueda: Allie Andrewjeski


Isabel Cushman: Zack Miller


Eli Elisco: Skylar Stamey, Annabel Davis, Madeline Kiely


Michael Lawhead: Michelle Wilkerson


Miles Lewis: Harambe


Iliana Ruiz: Mmmmmmrrrrrrr. PPPPPooooooowwwwweeeeerrrrsssss!!!!!!!!!


May Khalil: Ej (manny) Defensor


John Zeuthen: They’re crushes for a reason. It’s meant to be kept secret.


Joseph Santos: Nicole Webber


Trevor Moore: Katy and Serena Paci


India Maaske: Annabel Davis


Everett Millette: Jonah Thompson


Vanya Truong: Jane Yang


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Zachary Goodwin


EJ Defensor: Tyler Smithtro


Camden Smithtro: Zeus Marquez, May Khalil,

Zach Goodwin


Wyatt King: McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce


Takoda Fletcher: Money




Kyle Groben: big man’s boisterous and bodacious beard


Deaven C. Keller: LEXI and Noah Cryns


Charlie Bursch: Tristin Sahlie


Andrew Morales: Danielle Quarles


Omdev Elzafon: Ali Ortiz


Max Rutberg: Ali Ortiz


Calvin Stickler: Ali Ortiz


Morgan Gamecho: my sister


paola morales: Trevor Heyn, Hunter Hanes, Blake Moore and Steiny


Mack Sebok:  Cameron Reeves


Foster Smith: Ms. D’Amico


Shannon Sands: Alex


Jonah: Mark Jabour


Ryan Hartwell: I will not say

Dylan Parisi: Lindsay Bryan


Helena Kurocik: Joshua Dale Fuller


Lucas Melac: William Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: Kyle Baney


Helice Eitelgeorge: Max Afifi, Elijah Taurke


Ryann Horning: Dave Franco


Christina Hashimoto: Will


Zach Goodwin: Leo Lauritzen 😉


Nadi Nadar: Bogdan Grotz


Lexi Rohrer: Jacob Alt, Henry Loh


Ally Herrera: Bradford Sendell


Danny: Currently making my way into the DMs, can’t ruin it.


Noah Cryns: Jane Weichert


Jane Weichert: Noah Cryns <3


Seth Haid: Jennifer Garcia


I had joined leadership


i died


I took math seriously lol


What if I read The Sun Also Rises ?


What if Lauren ate literally anything other than pasta?


I actually learned anything at this school.


Hannah didn’t take the SAT 4 times?


What if 3rd Period AP Lit wasn’t Breakfast Club.


What if Drama actually started on time.”


I was held back a grade and had to do another whole year of high school…

I had tried harder


Eli wasnt ugly


I tried harder


The world is flat


What if I become famous


Jessica Natale was not here to make me laugh?

Jessica’s hair grew


Everyone was in peace


I befriended someone


I had more fun during high school


I stayed in PG for my JR year


Eli could hang


What if I had friends who actually supported my relationship?


What if Eli wasn’t so ugly.


Every girl in the senior class wasn’t in love with Eric Cuellar


people were bananas


We promoted healthy habits instead of reprimanding unhealthy ones. Or nap time.


we had a nap time during classes


Noah played basketball


I got Shaq’s attention on the D.C trip


We had no drama…


What if Jessica Natale didnt do nightly beach patrol..


Lucas didn’t give me rides home


“what if deaven keller bought a belt?


what if reese o-hagan actually brought school supplies to class?


what if payola morales stopped being a chunti?”


I just tried


I hung out with people my own age


What if I end up marrying someone who went to high school with me?

Nick T was starting quarterback

my teachers were never grouchy


Levi and Mariah finally got their license

What If Nick T was quarterback


I had one million dollars…


I didn’t come to school on senior ditch day ?


What if teachers didn’t get bitter about senior ditch day?


I gave fewer cruds about what people thought about me since freshman year


I was amazing at everything


Reece didn’t wear pjs


I was amazing at everything


Stanley didn’t harass Mr. Rubin.


I was a unicorn


school started at 10am? (we’d all be a lot smarter)


Vanya didn’t wear sandals everyday


there was good food in the cafeteria

Eric Cuellar wasn’t such a kiss-ass.


Mrs. Griffiths had stayed as the government teacher?


Collegeboard didn’t hate memes?


Eli could hang


I was as cool as Robertson Rice?


your fridge was running, would you go catch it?


I dated Lexi?????


The warriors didn’t blow a 3-1 lead @NickT


What if Jessica didn’t have her personality.


people actually peed in the urinals.


Our school was not so concerned with everything we do and say.


Michaels was free for life once you graduated PG high


We actually got Senior signature sweatshirts?


paola did not snapchat everything

i never cut my hair


Every One signed up for the wrestling team.


Bulich got 3rd period to talk.


There is no tests


A man fell down and it was funny xD?


Mr. Keller shaved that fur off his face.


there was a geology class(not earth and space)


The school allowed people to leave whenever


we had nap time on campus


I had hair like Will Stefanou


I said yes?


What if I didn’t procrastinate on literally every assignment


What if I ended up going to a different school?

I had started dating Isabel Cushman earlier?


I had never moved to PG before my freshman year?


My entire life would be so different.


I never played lacrosse
our class had ever won a powderpuff match?

Gaurav didn’t wear sliders every day

Kayla could hang?


I didn’t beat Hannah up everyday?


What if skylar made it to the Christmas Eve Party?




Michael McMurtry: Living in New Jersey practicing law


Mattea Nieves: In medical school


Parker Staples: In my bed


Lauren Pick: Broadway


Tyberious Barrett: Either Broadway or homeless on the streets of Manhattan. It’s really fifty-fifty.


Jessica Natale: At the barbershop trying to make my hair longer by getting extensions


Olivia Cain: Hopefully not dead.


Reina Karaki: Medical School


Kinza Pervaiz: As a Dance Mom


Cathy Nader: I see myself with a stable job and a family.


Jackson Klarsfeld: Senior Editor at Universal Studios or broke and alone.


Nick Coppla: Rich


Evan Christianson: Living on a yacht


John Klein: Sitting in my giant mansion


Eric Santos: Firefighter


Savana McDowell: Playing tennis in warm weather.


Trystan McAtee: Richest man on Earth


Analee Bonanno: Rich with a family


Christopher Will Crandell: Being a Athletic trainer for a college sports team


Ethan Franklin: Working at a political government job at a state level or working for the president(If president is my same party).


Nami Suzuki: Japan


Benjamin Phillips: Living in San Diego as an Aerospace Engineer


Alexandria Patton: A Surgeon


Kayla Fife: Having a family and a successful job


Levi Sanks: rich


Skylar Stamey: Making money


Jacob: Hopefully alive


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: I see myself with financial and mental stability. Preferably in my own house wherever I want.


Stephanie Procive: Hopefully not homeless or in jail


Emmett Small: Living in Europe


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Traveling after college


Canon Bukhari: 28, working on residency


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: i hope i have a job and like 3-4 dogs, preferably italian greyhounds and corgis, maybe an australian shepherd or 2??? i really like the mini ones theyre super cute

also i think im going to get a nose piercing, its time


Wes Hahn: Hopefully not homeless; staying up in Washington seems okay. Maybe coming back to Pacific Gr(a)ove if I make enough to support myself here.


Kylie Koestner: Living in a mansion with no student loans and more sarcasm than ever.


Fernando Roman: I see myself being successful in my own eyes, but maybe not in the eyes of others.

Camille Neu: Still in college. Graduate school.


Olivia Moses: Working as an architect or interior designer


Gabryel Sohle: In ten years I see myself having at least 3 dogs.


Matthew Mosqueda: Stationed on a U.S Navy Warship assigned as the ships security.


Isabel Cushman: a mother to many furry animals


Eli Elisco: Speeding away in a get-away car with 10 billion dollars worth of diamonds in the back, while a huge explosion takes place behind me and I then escape using my jet-pack and then a lot of other cool stuff happens.  


Michael Lawhead: Police officer


Miles Lewis: Traveling this URF, researching science ish, taking pictures


Iliana Ruiz: Working with cancer patients as a BS nurse


May Khalil: I see myself being a cute little doctor-to be in a hospital running around shadowing an actual doctor


John Zeuthen: Finishing college. PhD.


Joseph Santos: A good position in a video game development company


Michael McMurtry: Practicing law in New Jersey


Trevor Moore: Finessing


India Maaske: In incredible student debt, travelling the world accumulating more debt.


Everett Millette: Either very successful or in a mental hospital.


Vanya Truong: technically people can never really see themselves because you can only see reflections of yourself, but never truly perceive what you appear to others


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Working as an ER Nurse in Michigan


EJ Defensor: Still in school, probably.


Camden Smithtro: Hopefully in a different country.


Takoda Fletcher: On a yacht with a bunch of male models.


Anna Stefanou: Married to Robertson Rice.


Kyle Groben: Off the grid


Deaven C. Keller: Married to Lexi


Charlie Bursch: On a boat or flying a plane


Andrew Morales: With Charlie on a boat, flying a plane. Boats & bros. Thriving.


Omdev Elzafon: Guess you’ll see in 10 years.


Max Rutberg: Living the billionaire life.


Calvin Stickler: Traveling the world on a boat.


Nicole Weber: The Future


paola morales: driving round town in a range rover


Mack Sebok: Incline Village


Foster Smith: Living life as a 28 year old man


Shannon Sands: living in my parents basement.


Peter Tang: I don’t know, let time tell


Jonah: In an office staring at a tablet, animating and havin’ a good time.


Lucas Milar: Teaching History

Ryan Hartwell: Living up north


Dylan Parisi: Working in an NGO


Helena Kurocik: A part-time environmental scientist and a full-time mom


Lucas Melac: Running in a flowery field with William Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: FBI or ICE Field Agent


Helice Eitelgeorge: Better than you


Ryann Horning: Hopefully living in San Francisco and working at a job I love. Definitely not with kids though.


Zachary Miller: Studying


Zach Goodwin: I hope that in 10 years I will be surrounded by my friends and family, following a career path that allows me to travel, use my degree, and pursue my interests. My dream job would be in the United States Foreign Service.


Nadi Nadar: At a civil engineering firm


Lexi Rohrer: Studying something, somewhere


Arabella Sterwerf: Having a teaching credential majoring in History and women studies. I hope I would even have my masters degree in teaching. I hope that I have been working for a long time and currently have a teaching job.


Ally Herrera: I see myself hopefully starting a career and family.


Shira Kershner: happy, probably somewhere with trees


Danny: Great Job, hopefully a photographer. Financially stable. Enjoying life. Traveling.


Noah Cryns: Smuggling cocaine across our southern boarder.


Jane Weichert: With a family living in a tiny house!


Camille Colon: still happy


Mariah Powell: content


Seth Haid: Working a job and having a family



Michael McMurtry: Seton Hall University


Mattea Nieves: WSU


Parker Staples: CSU Chico


Lauren Pick: CSU Fullerton, majoring in musical theatre


Tyberious Barrett: $50,000 in debt.


Jessica Natale: University of Hawaii, Manoa


Olivia Cain: University of Oregon


Reina Karaki: MPC


Kinza Pervaiz: still here.


Cathy Nader: I will be attending UC Davis with a major in Biological Sciences.


Jackson Klarsfeld: Marist College in NY


Nick Coppla: MPC


Evan Christianson: CSUMB


John Klein: MPC


Eric Santos: MPC


Savana McDowell: UCSC


Trystan McAtee: Learning in college to become the richest man on Earth


Analee Bonanno: Santa Barbara


Christopher Will Crandell: MPC


Ethan Franklin: Monterey Peninsula College


Nami Suzuki: Monterey Peninsula College


Benjamin Phillips: Monterey Peninsula College


Alexandria Patton: University of Arkansas


Kayla Fife: Living it up in Santa Barbara


Levi Sanks: MPC


Skylar Stamey: Santa Barbara


Jacob: Chico, CA.


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Humboldt County, CA


Stephanie Procive: MPC


Gaurav Gurung: MPC


Emmett Small: Sonoma State


Thomas Melnick: Catch me Trader Joe’s payin off my car


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Santa Barbara Community College in the sun!


Canon Bukhari: Rexburg, Idaho


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: CHICOOOOO


Wes Hahn: Western Washington University


Kylie Koestner: CSU Long Beach


Fernando Roman: UC Merced, so probably living under a rock in Yosemite


Camille Neu: San Francisco State University


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: MPC


Thomas Pontarolo: Colorado Mesa University


Olivia Moses: Phoenix, Arizona


Nathan Mosqueda: At boot camp for the Navy


Gamunu Gamage: csumb


Gabryel Sohle: Attending Monterey Peninsula College.


Matthew Mosqueda: Boot camp in Great Lakes Illinois.


Jake Stokes: IN COLLEGE


Luke Hiserman: Willamette University


Isabel Cushman: UC San Diego

Eli Elisco: San Francisco


Michael Lawhead: at MPC


Miles Lewis: Chapman University


Iliana Ruiz: SFSU


May Khalil: CSU Long Beach


John Zeuthen: MPC


Joseph Santos: Monterey Peninsula College


Trevor Moore: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


India Maaske: Saint Mary’s College of California


Everett Millette: Chico


Rachel Choi: University of the Pacific (Stockton)


Vanya Truong: in the throes of an existential crisis


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Detroit, Michigan


EJ Defensor: Santa Barbara with Birks, a Mauve hydroflask, and a man bun.


Camden Smithtro: Yale University


Wyatt King: Ascended above the mortal plane


Takoda Fletcher: Living in a penthouse in San Francisco.


Anna Stefanou: Playing Minecraft with Robertson Rice.


Kyle Groben: Humboldt State University


Deaven C. Keller: In Lexi’s arms


Charlie Bursch: Livin it up in Isla Vista!!!!!!!


Andrew Morales: SBCC #gangganggang #IVlyfe


Omdev Elzafon: SB


Max Rutberg: Colorado State University


Calvin Stickler: UCSC


Morgan Gamecho: The University of Arizona


Nicole Weber: Utah Valley University


paola morales: MPC #LOBOGANG


Mack Sebok: MPC


Foster Smith: Monterey Peninsula College


Shannon Sands: Idaho


Peter Tang: CSUMB


Jonah: Colorado


Lucas Milar: Chico State University


Ryan Hartwell: mpc


Dylan Parisi: DeLand, Florida


Helena Kurocik: University of Arizona!


Lucas Melac: Missing William Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: Arkansas


Helice Eitelgeorge: An apartment with my friend going to MPC


Ryann Horning: Next year I’ll be at MPC continuing to take art classes and working on getting a degree in Interior design.


Christina Hashimoto: Attending Arizona State University.


Zachary Miller: Harvard University


Zach Goodwin: Studying Diplomacy & World Affairs at Occidental College, Los Angeles.


Nadi Nadar: UC Irvine


Lexi Rohrer: The University of Washington in Seattle


Shira Kershner: what Vanya said, but in Humboldt


Ally Herrera: MPC


Danny: Freshman in college studying art/photography


Noah Cryns: In London


Jane Weichert: UCSC BABY!


Camille Colon: SBCC


Mariah Powell: MPC


Seth Haid: MPC


Michael McMurtry: I’m leaving behind Mock Trial and I leave that to Reem Benny, Sarah Bitter, and Juliana Heritage


Mattea Nieves: My pessimism to some unknowledgable freshman


Parker Staples: I leave my health notebook to my brother, Greyson Staples.


Lauren Pick: I leave the drama class to Isabella Rowntree and Katie Bitter- keep cut-throat a special treat. I leave the choir to Ashley Lyon and Catherine Gruber, two of the most driven, talented people I know. I leave the second sopranos to Sofia Moore- find that harmony and kill it, sweetie. I leave the cheer team to Catherine Gruber- may your feet be swift and may your bow never fall.


Tyberious Barrett: If I still had it, I’d give my pride and dignity to Luke Herzog. He needs it more than I do. Also, Luke you don’t know what this is, but I’m giving you “Moun privileges.” You’ll know when the time comes.


Jessica Natale: Parking spot- Leah Stewart

School spirit- Jada Ware

Inappropriateness- Kehavn Ebron

Spirit Drum- Kulaea Tulua


Olivia Cain: To Izze and Katie, I leave babysitting Selfie. May she treat you well and let you steal her popcorn.

To Saf Yah, I leave the Soprano Seconds. May you help them to multiply.

To Fransisco, I leave my responsibility (Not that you need it). I won’t need that in college, right?

To Joley, I leave you my drug dealing territory (Girl Scout Cookies). May you never be caught, and make all the dough *budum tss*

To Izze, I leave you the light board, in hopes that at least someone will know how to operate it.

To Selfie, I leave you saying “lol.” You will undoubtedly destroy it, and everyone will be happier.

To Catherine and Ashley, The Choir. Treat it well.

To Luke and Isijah, I leave you Gooby; oot wooll noot doo wooth oos.

To the Juniors, Senioritis; kill it with fire


Reina Karaki: Good memories, to my brother who will be a freshman


Kinza Pervaiz: I’m leaving behind the Dance team. The team grew so much the past two years and I’m so proud I got to be a part of it.


Jackson Klarsfeld: My swim legacy; to Selly Diallo


Nick Coppla: legacy


Evan Christianson: Knowledge


Eric Santos: Im staying local


Savana McDowell: I am leaving the girls tennis team to Sofia Moore and the Lee twins.


Trystan McAtee: I leave behind my US flag wrestling singlet to Gavin Whiteside


Analee Bonanno: My breaker leggings to Mary Grebing


Christopher Will Crandell: Loving friends, caring teachers, and peaceful atmosphere


Ethan Franklin: My love and appreciation for my friends and teachers who will still be at the school.


Nami Suzuki: my aura


Benjamin Phillips: My love for Sally Richmond to Brennen Rhoades


Alexandria Patton: I leave my Captain position to Kulaea. I leave my parking spot to Taylor Rainy. I leave my coyote to Jada


Kayla Fife: I’m leaving my parking spot to Kaitlyn Van Lone


Skylar Stamey: leaving behind my attitude and sass for my twin Jada


Jacob: My love


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Fake Friends and to their own fake friends. My legacy and to all.


Stephanie Procive: my parking space and to anyone who claims it


Emmett Small: I leave behind my sarcasm for the next generation


Thomas Melnick: Hacky Sack to Joseph Spears. Don’t lose it.


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Im leaving my sassy remarks to our swim coach Sharon to Aliya Chroman and my parking spot


Canon Bukhari: My mechanical pencil to Edward Powley


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: my pettiness and propensity for insulting my classmates to Brennen Rhoades.


Wes Hahn: The Big Brave Dave, also known commonly as the “Milk Man”


Kylie Koestner: I leave the soccer team to Jada, Diana, and Estefany. I leave my sarcasm to Kulaea Tulua (not that she needs it), my artistic abilities to Annabel Davis, and my musical abilities to anyone who’s down to sing in front of the whole school.


Fernando Roman: I leave behind my large collection of singlets to Julius Gutierrez, and a bag of frijoles negros to Senora Johnson.


Gabryel Sohle: My locker, it’s a good height.


Matthew Mosqueda: I am leaving my despair behind to angel.


Jake Stokes: The F-Wing table


Luke Hiserman: The F-wing table to my cousin who is an incoming freshman.


Eli Elisco: My parking space to Ben Elisco


Michael Lawhead: I leave all my belongings to Stanley Lozinsky have fun with my car.


Miles Lewis: I’m broke


Iliana Ruiz: My locker to a frosh.


May Khalil: I am leaving the Cheer team to Catherine Gruber and hope she has the best of luck


John Zeuthen: To the School: I leave you my reputation.


Joseph Santos: I leave the mantle of responsibility to the future seniors of PGHS.


Trevor Moore: I’m leaving my jeep to Blake Moore. I am also leaving behind my dumbbells to John Kerrick, he needs them.


India Maaske: I am leaving the mellophone that is always flat and sounds like a duck to Vanessa.


Everett Millette: My rebellious behavior to the PG cross country team


Rachel Choi: I leave the trumpet section to Delbert Truong in the near future


Vanya Truong: i leave behind the National Art Honors Society Club to Kaysa Paulsen and Sofia Chang and general high school anxiety to be redistributed among the rest of the high school, like the Law of Conservation


Cameron Thomas Reeves: I leave my Bacon Cake Recipe to the Low Brass Section. Do not disappoint me


EJ Defensor: The Table, to my younger sister.


Camden Smithtro: I leave the school newspaper to Luke Herzog, and irritating Mrs. Sally Richmond to Tyler ‘ya boi’ Smithtro.


Wyatt King: My will to leave, to all students


Takoda Fletcher: I am leaving behind a solar charger to Fernando because that started our friendship.


Anna Stefanou: All the memes in the world to Robertson Rice.


Kyle Groben: The never arm-a-dillo motto to Coach Mo


Deaven C. Keller: I will leave my love for Lexi behind for Jake Alt


Charlie Bursch: I leave every girl at pacific grove high school to josh cryns


Andrew Morales: Nothing


Omdev Elzafon: My knowledge to Fuller.


Max Rutberg: I leave my special skills and talents to Jon Saunders, and my parking spot I leave to Stirling Newhouse


Calvin Stickler: I leave my parking spot to Blake Moore, Jake Jansen, and Dylan MacLaren (whoever gets a car first).


Morgan Gamecho: I leave my bra size (by request) to Elena <3


Nicole Weber: To all, my good wishes… I didn’t realize I had to write a will and I do not intend to give up my stuff as I am very much alive.


paola morales: i leave all instigating to Kulaea Tulua


Mack Sebok: The love of wasting time in school and at home with Chase Podell, Andrew Lynberg, Caelum Sanders, Freddy Albert, Jake Haney


Foster Smith: My aquaponics Garden, to the school.


Shannon Sands: nothing for everyone


Jonah: I’m leaving behind the memory that I existed to the people who knew I existed.


Lucas Milar: The legacy of Grandma must not die.


Ryan Hartwell: nothing to no one


Dylan Parisi: I leave my legacy to no one


Lucas Melac: My pokemon card collection to William Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: My love and support, to David Alves


Helice Eitelgeorge: I leave the Alto section in choir to Francesca Taurke.


Ryann Horning: leaving behind my culinary winning streak to my brother who will be taking the class as a freshman next year.


Zachary Miller: Annoying Mr. Rubin without end, left to Gavin James


Zach Goodwin: I leave behind the PGHS Drumline to Annabel Davis. I leave behind my legacy of being consistently slightly above mediocre at cross country to Robertson Rice. I leave behind the job of Newsbreaker soccer correspondent to Shey Gibson.


Nadi Nadar: I will be leaving the clarinet section to Milo Bohr.


Lexi Rohrer: I leave Kulaea Tulua my dictatorial command of the school and the responsibility of bullying my little sister daily for me


Arabella Sterwerf: Nothing, just memories


Shira Kershner: I leave dance captain to Selene, I leave the presidency to Katrina, I leave the weird noise effects to Leah, and I leave my heart to my team.

Ally Herrera: I am leaving my volleyball position to Baby Cam.


Jane Weichert: I leave my soccer number (#15) to Estefany, and the soccer team to Jada. I also leave the Boat Race to Natalia.


Camille Colon: I leave my poor art attendance to Jada #flopsquad


Seth Haid: I’m leaving my baseball locker behind to a lower classman


Michael McMurtry: Social Justice


Mattea Nieves: Um my free 7th


Parker Staples: AP Lit


Lauren Pick: AP Lit


Tyberious Barrett: AHahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahah




Olivia Cain: Drama


Reina Karaki: Anatomy


Kinza Pervaiz: Dystopian literature


Cathy Nader: all of them


Jackson Klarsfeld: world history


Nick Coppla: strength sophomore year


Evan Christianson: Sports medicine


John Klein: Art


Eric Santos: Integrated Math 3 with Mr. Light


Savana McDowell: AP Psych or Stats


Trystan McAtee: Economy


Analee Bonanno: Sophomore English


Christopher Will Crandell: sports medicine


Ethan Franklin: Photography


Nami Suzuki: Economics


Benjamin Phillips: AP Statistics


Alexandria Patton: Anatomy


Kayla Fife: Culinary 2 my Senior Year


Levi Sanks: Sophomore English


Skylar Stamey: free 7th


Jacob: Math


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: photo class


Stephanie Procive: art class


Gaurav Gurung: Not APUSH


Emmett Small: Gov with Steinback


Thomas Melnick: D’Amico class of 2015


Hannah Renner-Bennett: World History with Mr. Grate


Canon Bukhari: AP U.S. History


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: scoobey doobey rubes. also ms hall also lauralea gaona’s class bc like jessica natale. no further explanation needed.


Wes Hahn: Econ (I’m sure I’ve made 25+ dollars from Steinback), World History, Eng 3/Dys. Lit.


Kylie Koestner: Anatomy


Fernando Roman: Psychology due to Haggquist and his funny shenanigans, along with Calculus due to D’amico and Rubin’s support.


Camille Neu: Culinary


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Art


Olivia Moses: Art Class


Nathan Mosqueda: World history with Mr. Grate


Gabryel Sohle: Science


Matthew Mosqueda: Culinary 1 period 2


Jake Stokes: Mr. Steinback, Econ and Govt.


Isabel Cushman: Pre-Cal with Mr. Rubin


Eli Elisco: Calculus and English


Michael Lawhead: Mr. Grates


Miles Lewis: Office TA


Iliana Ruiz: Ap Lit


May Khalil: APUSH


John Zeuthen: AP Calculus or AP Physics


Joseph Santos: AP Studio Art


Trevor Moore: Culinary


India Maaske: Band with Mr. Hoffman!


Everett Millette: strength


Rachel Choi: band


Vanya Truong: art


Cameron Thomas Reeves: band


EJ Defensor: 2nd Period AP Calculus


Camden Smithtro: APUSH


Wyatt King: Underwater Basket Weaving


Takoda Fletcher: AP World History


Anna Stefanou: AP U.S. History


Kyle Groben: computers


Deaven C. Keller: sports med


Charlie Bursch: Physics w/ Fif Dawg


Andrew Morales: My TA classes


Omdev Elzafon: Ottys Soph year


Max Rutberg: Mr. Ottmar’s English class Sophomore year.


Calvin Stickler: Sophomore year English with Ottmar


Morgan Gamecho: English & Culinary


Nicole Weber: Art, the school’s sanctuary.


paola morales: Econ with Steinback


Mack Sebok:Culinary Arts


Foster Smith: Life Skills Per.5


Shannon Sands: Art


Peter Tang: Government/Econ


Jonah: Culinary


Lucas Milar: Econ and Government with Mr. Steinback


Ryan Hartwell: Culinary


Dylan Parisi: AP Psychology


Helena Kurocik: AP Environmental Science


Lucas Melac: World History


Myles Kerchner: English with Ms. Hall


Helice Eitelgeorge: photo


Ryann Horning: Art and culinary.


Christina Hashimoto: English


Zachary Miller: AP Physics


Zach Goodwin: AP World History with Mr. Grate


Nadi Nadar: AP Calculus


Arabella Sterwerf: Mr. Powers, Mr. Grate, and Mrs. Erickson


Shira Kershner: both art classes and Lit


Ally Herrera: Leadership


Danny: ECON or Government or Culinary


Noah Cryns: Culinary.


Seth Haid: Culinary


Jane Weichert: LEADERSHIP


Camille Colon: Library with Paola and Andrew


Mariah Powell: Spanish class junior year




Michael McMurtry: Mr. Haggquist


Mattea Nieves: Tash Pignatelli <3


Parker Staples: Mrs Selfridge


Lauren Pick: Mrs. Selfridge




Jessica Natale: Lauralea Gaona


Olivia Cain: Selfie, Lauren, and Me


Reina Karaki: Ms. Pignatelli


Kinza Pervaiz: Mrs. Hall


Cathy Nader: All of them


Jackson Klarsfeld: Mr. Grate


Nick Coppla: Mr. Morgan


Evan Christianson: Mr. Steinback


John Klein: Mr. Kelly


Eric Santos: Mr. Light


Savana McDowell: I loved some many of my teachers- Sally, Larry, Donna, Jenna etc.


Trystan McAtee: Steinback


Analee Bonanno: Bobby and Stacy


Christopher Will Crandell: Ms. Hall


Ethan Franklin: Donna O’Donnell, Kathy Buller, Balena Lominario, Celia Lara


Nami Suzuki: Mr. Rubin


Benjamin Phillips: Sally Richmond


Alexandria Patton: Mr. Fred Rubin


Kayla Fife: Mrs. O’Donnell


Levi Sanks: Dr. Payan


Skylar Stamey: Mr. Steinback


Jacob: Rubin’s class 🙂


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Ms. Hall


Stephanie Procive: Mrs. Hall


Gaurav Gurung: Powers


Emmett Small: Steinbeck and Hall


Thomas Melnick: Mr. Shelfridge


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Ms. Pignatelli


Canon Bukhari: Isaac Rubin


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: ruby tuesday aka isaac rubin, jenny the hall & natasha pignatelli aka natty p raps also LAURALEA GAONA<3 aka my queen and soul sister forever


Wes Hahn: Mr. Grate (before his rulers were taken away, rest in peace), Steinback, Mr. Light and Mrs. Hall


Kylie Koestner: Mrs. Hall


Fernando Roman: Mr. D’amico/Mrs. Richmond/Mr. Rubin/Selfridges/Mrs. Gordon/Mr. Kelly/

Mrs. Gutierez/Mrs. Buller/Mr. Grate/Mr. Haggquist. They have all made me a better person and I will never forget them.


Camille Neu: Mrs. Richmond


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Mrs.Bulich


Olivia Moses: Mr. Kelly


Nathan Mosqueda: Mr. Grate


Gamunu Gamage: Mrs. Bulich


Gabryel Sohle: Mrs. Mellow


Matthew Mosqueda: Mr. Morgan


Jake Stokes: MR.RUBIN


Luke Hiserman: Mrs. Selfridge


Eli Elisco: Mr. D’amico and Ms. Hall


Michael Lawhead: Mrs. Hall


Miles Lewis: Ms. Hall


Iliana Ruiz: Mmmmmmrrrr. Ppppppppoooooooowwwwwwweeeeerrrrrssss


May Khalil: nobody can beat Sally Richmond’s sass


John Zeuthen: Afifi or D’Amico


Joseph Santos: Mrs. Erickson


Michael McMurtry: Ms. Hall


Trevor Moore: Mr. Rubin


India Maaske: Ms. Pignatelli


Everett Millette: Mr. Grate


Rachel Choi: Mr. Hoffman


Vanya Truong: Mr. Kelly


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Mr. D’Amico/Mrs. Hall/Mr. Hoffman. I will not choose one.


EJ Defensor: EJ Defensor


Camden Smithtro: Mr. Powers


Wyatt King: Len Hightower


Takoda Fletcher: Mr. Grate


Anna Stefanou : Mr. Powers


Kyle Groben: Mr. Grate


Deaven C. Keller: Dr. Payan


Charlie Bursch: Ms. Hall


Andrew Morales: Mrs. Hall


Omdev Elzafon: Mrs. Hall/Powers


Max Rutberg: Mrs. Hall/ Mr. D’Amico


Calvin Stickler : Mr. D’Amico or Mrs. Hall


Morgan Gamecho: Ms. Hall


Nicole Weber: Mr. Kelly


paola morales: Mr. Selfridge


Mack Sebok: Mrs. Erickson


Foster Smith: Mr.Grate


Shannon Sands: Kelly


Peter Tang: Steinback


Jonah: Mrs. Erickson


Lucas Milar: Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Bulich, Mr. Grate


Ryan Hartwell: Mo and Po


Dylan Parisi: L. Haggqusit


Helena Kurocik: Ms. Eberle


Lucas Melac: Justus Grate


Myles Kerchner: Ms. Hall


Helice Eitelgeorge: Ms. Hall and Ms. Lara


Ryann Horning: Mr. Kelly and Mr. & Mrs. Erickson


Christina Hashimoto: Mr. D’Amico and Ms. Hall


Zachary Miller: All of them


Zach Goodwin: So many awesome teachers to choose from…Richmond, Mr. D’Amico, Rubin, Grate, Powers, Mrs. Selfridge, and Haggquist are some of my favorites. But this is not an exhaustive list!


Nadi Nadar: Mr. DAmico


Lexi Rohrer:


Arabella Sterwerf: Mr. Grate


Ally Herrera: Mrs. Richmond


Shira Kershner: all of them minus a few


Danny: Mo


Noah Cryns: Jaunty Joey.  


Seth Haid: Mr. Steinbeck


Jane Weichert: ummmmmm….


Camille Colon: Ms. Hall


Mariah Powell: Ms. Hall


Michael McMurtry: Joined leadership


Mattea Nieves: Applied for National Honors Society


Parker Staples: Been on the track page in the yearbook


Lauren Pick: Participated in Powderpuff


Tyberious Barrett: Done something useful.


Jessica Natale: Told Haggquist I was in love with him


Olivia Cain: Succeeded


Reina Karaki: Applied for the National Honors Society


Kinza Pervaiz: Worked out more


Jackson Klarsfeld: put more effort into school.


Evan Christianson: Been more outgoing


John Klein: Had better grades


Eric Santos: Do better academically junior year


Savana McDowell: Tried harder in my classes freshman and sophomore year.


Trystan McAtee: Tried my hardest


Analee Bonanno: Gone to Project Lacee


Christopher Will Crandell: Gone to more dances


Ethan Franklin: Participated in more school events.


Nami Suzuki: Danced more


Benjamin Phillips: Gone to parties


Alexandria Patton: partied more in high school


Kayla Fife: gone to the YG Concert.


Skylar Stamey: been at the New Year’s Eve party


Jacob: did better in school


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Been involved with more extracurricular activities, but I also wish that I could have spent more time studying abroad.


Stephanie Procive: done more sports as a lower classman


Gaurav Gurung: been able to play basketball and soccer


Emmett Small: Finished that dangnabit essay


Thomas Melnick: actually studied


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Not taken the SAT so many times..


Canon Bukhari: Gotten a dog


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: stopped taking things so seriously. like nothing actually matters. we’re in high school, everyone thinks we’re a joke. there’s a reason why childish situations are called “so high school.” calm down, have a good time, and play a sport.


Wes Hahn: Had Mr. Light earlier: you learn a lot of random facts about life in that class, and he’s a pretty funny guy.


Kylie Koestner: Done some musicals


Fernando Roman: Spent more time with my friends and teachers since I love/appreciate you all.


Camille Neu: joined something


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Talked more


Matthew Mosqueda: I wish I would have played football all 4 years


Jake Stokes: Won more games of poker.


Isabel Cushman: not taken a first period. ever.


Eli Elisco: Asked her out


Michael Lawhead: Did better in school.


Miles Lewis: idc


Iliana Ruiz: Binge watch TV


May Khalil: Wish I would’ve never taken health 1st period because I never show up


John Zeuthen: gotten an A in all of my AP classes


Joseph Santos: signed up for culinary class earlier


Trevor Moore: Made more friends outside of my friend group.


India Maaske: Actually filled out that CSF application.


Everett Millette: gotten to know more people.


Rachel Choi: never tried those banana flavored Twinkies


Vanya Truong: started wearing flip flops to school sooner


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Played more Dungeons and Dragons


EJ Defensor: Cared


Camden Smithtro: Played more solitaire during TA period


Wyatt King: found a weapon to surpass Metal Gear


Takoda Fletcher: Become a Vice President sooner.


Anna Stefanou: Dated Robertson Rice.

Kyle Groben: tried in school

Deaven C. Keller: Dated Lexi…


Charlie Bursch: Played football


Andrew Morales: learned to grammar.


Omdev Elzafon: Taken more trips.


Max Rutberg: Missed more school.


Calvin Stickler: had the balls to speak my mind earlier.


Morgan Gamecho: Broken more laws as a minor

Nicole Weber: I don’t have a “Wish I would’ve”, but I wish there were more class periods so I could’ve taken more art.


paola morales: joined the swim team


Mack Sebok: never cut my hair


Foster Smith: Not gone to prom freshman year.


Shannon Sands: Tried

Peter Tang: Knew how to drive

Jonah: Not moved last summer so I didn’t have to spend my senior year in a completely different (although pretty) environment with people and rules I don’t know anything about haha.


Lucas Milar: Jumped off the rock…


Ryan Hartwell: played a sport


Dylan Parisi: Done more, partied less, did more after school stuff, love myself more


Helena Kurocik: I have no regrets 🙂


Lucas Melac: Spent more time with Will Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: Cared freshman year


Helice Eitelgeorge: Done more squats


Ryann Horning: Participated in more sports or clubs.


Zachary Miller: Gone to more school events


Zach Goodwin: Started writing for the PGHS Newsbreaker and the Cedar Street Times sooner.


Nadi Nadar: Done soccer and lacrosse freshman year


Lexi Rohrer: Been able to run track and swim at the same time


Arabella Sterwerf: Worked even harder for scholarships and had improved myself dramatically in math and science.


Ally Herrera: started talking to Bradford sooner.


Shira Kershner: taken every opportunity


Danny: Participate in more spirit days


Noah Cryns: Gone fishing with Jaunty Joey.


Seth Haid: Played all 4 years of football


Jane Weichert: Dropped soccer my senior year…


Camille Colon: nothing


Mariah Powell: played basketball my senior year



Michael McMurtry: work and intern at a law office


Mattea Nieves: Moving to Washington


Parker Staples: Probably playing with my dog, follow him on Instagram @adognamedtyson


Lauren Pick: Participating in summer production Pippin


Tyberious Barrett: I’m going to steal the Declaration Of Independence.


Jessica Natale: Try not to get arrested, but we’ll see.


Olivia Cain: Not leaving. Ever. (Until I do)


Reina Karaki: Travel


Kinza Pervaiz: Catch me at Bubba Gump


Cathy Nader: I hope to travel around and get job experience.


Jackson Klarsfeld: Work, swim, play.


Evan Christianson: Play basketball, hang out with friends, and make money  

John Klein: Having lots of fun


Eric Santos: Take an EMT class and find a job


Savana McDowell: To travel and try new things.


Trystan McAtee: Travel the world


Analee Bonanno: TU


Christopher Will Crandell: Go to New York, the Football Hall of Fame, and sleep


Ethan Franklin: Traveling and looking at universities. Having fun.


Nami Suzuki: Japan, teaching


Benjamin Phillips: Go to school and have fun


Alexandria Patton: create great memories


Kayla Fife: PARTY!!!


Skylar Stamey: Make money/turn up


Jacob: Work and Party


Bernardo Michel Luhrs: Ya boi is going to Kyoto, Japan for a week, then he will be working for a while before spending a week in Austin, Texas before moving to Humboldt.


Stephanie Procive: traveling to a couple different countries


Gaurav Gurung: Travel


Emmett Small: Alaska Fishing Trip!


Thomas Melnick: work and Impulsive travels


Hannah Renner-Bennett: Sleeping and Eating


Canon Bukhari: Camping, Backpacking


Nusheen Sheikhabadi: work full time. frost some cakes.


Wes Hahn: Hopefully getting a license, working on moving all of my belongings up north, and estimating how much debt I’ll be paying off for the rest of my life.


Kylie Koestner: Make as much money as possible.


Fernando Roman: I plan to go wherever fate guides me, hopefully to places with pizza.


Camille Neu: Traveling the U.S


Jayla Settnek-Ellis: Going to Japan!


Thomas Pontarolo: going to Hawaii


Olivia Moses: Seeing my cousins in Boston


Gabryel Sohle: Going to Disney World


Matthew Mosqueda: I plan to Chill and workout before i go to boot camp


Jake Stokes: Work, and Relax


Isabel Cushman: traveling through Europe with friends!


Eli Elisco: Do some dope stuff that my parents probably won’t hear about until I am 45


Michael Lawhead: Kick back


Miles Lewis: Making this dough


Iliana Ruiz: Uuuummmm na’ya business


May Khalil: I plan to go to Britney Spears with camo and weird trips with the salt square


John Zeuthen: Nothing, hmu yo. SC: jzutheen1


Joseph Santos: Having fun and prepping for college


Trevor Moore: Work, get big, stay humble, stay lifted.


India Maaske: Going on a road trip to Oregon, sleeping all the time, and watching movies.


Everett Millette: Get outta town, start a riot.


Rachel Choi: Work. Maybe go to Korea.


Vanya Truong: swimming in Lake Tahoe away from everyone else


Cameron Thomas Reeves: Working, sleeping


EJ Defensor: Hopefully not shot in the Philippine Drug War.


Wyatt King: Studying for my Statistician Degree


Takoda Fletcher: Make 50 grand selling solar and driving boats.


Anna Stefanou: Eating brownies with Robertson Rice.


Kyle Groben: Go explore California.


Deaven C. Keller: Lifting and Getting at Lexi…


Charlie Bursch: Make it one to remember (or not)


Andrew Morales: T U R N U P


Omdev Elzafon: Have a blast.  


Max Rutberg: Take a trip.


Calvin Stickler: Working and traveling.


Morgan Gamecho: Make money & pregame Arizona


Nicole Weber: Prepare for college.


paola morales: getting the pay check


Mack Sebok: Travel and work A LOT


Foster Smith: Working, Camping, living.


Shannon Sands: Moving


Peter Tang: Explore Asia


Jonah: Go to Utah, get a job, and RE-LAX.


Lucas Milar: Gonna get turnt off of mountain dews baby 😉


Ryan Hartwell: work


Dylan Parisi: The way she goes


Helena Kurocik: enjoy every moment with my friends until we go off to college


Lucas Melac: Spending all my time with Will Stefanou


Myles Kerchner: Work, lots of it


Helice Eitelgeorge: Travelling Europe with Ryann, and then road tripping to Oregon to see a total eclipse!


Ryann Horning: Traveling around Europe with Helice and many camping trips.


Christina Hashimoto: Cycling in France with friends and riding a lot in PG.


Zachary Miller: Traveling in Europe with friends


Zach Goodwin: One month study abroad program in Alicante, Spain!


Nadi Nadar: I plan to get a job and prepare for my engineering courses


Lexi Rohrer: Europe with Izzy and Zack!


Arabella Sterwerf: I am going to travel with my family, I am going to get a job to raise money for college and get more scholarships.


Ally Herrera: Disneyland!!!!!


Shira Kershner: Chillin, probably do some art, maybe turn 18.


Danny: Traveling around the World to new places and having new experiences.


Noah Cryns: Take summer classes at UC Berkeley.


Seth Haid: Hanging out with the most beautiful girl and friends


Jane Weichert: ROADTRIP


Camille Colon: traveling anywhere and everywhere


Mariah Powell: hanging with the squawks and the rest of my best buds