The House of Glass

The House of Glass

Written by Nicole Weber, Writer

A boy lived in a house of glass,

Living under dark skies ever watched by judging eyes

Not knowing what it was like to dwell within they could point, judge and only see sin.

He had no privacy, no personal space, they would never know how to live in his place.

And visions of the social class ever warpped by the house of glass.

He was not unhappy nor was he free, himself he could never be

And living under an ever judging eye looked for hope in the dark sky.

Eyes closed knees tucked in,

Don’t look, don’t hear, retreat within.

Listening to Queen’s on old records and tape, with no other means of escape

Dreaming of a place with greener grass while trapped inside tha house of glass.

I’ll leave soon, I’ll go to better places and leave these transparent judging spaces.

I just need to wait a year and I’ll go far away from here.

He looked up and blinked to check his eyes had not lided, there it was the one clear patch of sky.

Gazing off into space he stopped thinking of leaving this place.

He spent long nights mapping a future a dream in glittering lights,

Night after night, he soon forgot his planned flight.

When the time came to finally go part of him wanted to just say no

Still, he left that house of glass not by breaking down those walls of glass.

He walked through the door and was more free than ever before.

Yet he’d look up and let out a sigh,

As he missed that clear patch of sky.