2017 Presidential Address to Congress


Written by Michelle Lee, Journalist

Trump wows critics with softer tone, but fails to establish unity with Democrats

On Thursday, February 28, forty-fifth president of the United States Donald Trump addressed the Congress for the first time. Many claimed that Trump appeared to speak with a much calmer tone than he had on his campaign trail, but according to Washington Post reporter Elise Vieback, Trump’s speech “differed in style, not substance.” Throughout his campaign, then Republican presidential candidate Trump appeared aggressive, fanatical, and appealing to specific voters wanting change, him being just one of many vying for the role of the highest position in the United States government. If anything, Mr. Trump appeared as more as the businessman he is.

The address was different, however. In almost all of his campaign speeches, Trump used phrases like ¨Build a wall!”and encouraged supporters to shout ¨Lock her (Hillary) up!¨ Completely changing his tone and demeanor, Trump spoke with a subtler tone and therefore received reviews as finally acting ¨presidential.” That was not the only thing that changed, though. He gave few details on how he would achieve his economic and political goals (ex. “Repealing and replacing” Obamacare), but stressed that he would get them done. According to a different Washington Post article, written by Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee, titled “Fact-checking President Trump’s address to Congress,” at least thirteen of his statements were incorrect and falsely stated. Many of them were anecdotes or statistics that were outdated or imprecise. At the end of the address, numerous Democratic Congress members exited the building, leaving the Republicans and Trump with a half-empty audience. Overall, while Trump acted more presidential, many question whether or not he will continue to act this way for time to come.