How March Madness Can Win You A $40 Michael’s Gift Card!


Do you want to win a $40 gift card to Michael’s Taqueria & Grill? Then you should participate in Mrs. Richmond’s March Madness Tournament Challenge!


March Madness is an annual college basketball tournament between the top 64 teams in the nation. Teams advance through a single-elimination head-to-head bracket until just one team remains. On March 12th, college basketball experts will gather on what is known as “Selection Sunday” to select the teams and determine the first round match-ups.


All you have to do in order to participate in Mrs. Richmond’s challenge is pick up a bracket (but only one!) from Mr. Morrison after Selection Sunday, and fill out the bracket based on who you believe will win! Your prediction will be scored based on the number of match-ups you predict correctly. The most accurate brackets will be displayed in the library, and the top bracket will be announced the winner and the owner will be rewarded with a $40 gift card to Michael’s Taqueria!


Mrs. Richmond’s AP Computer Science kids will be having their own contest to determine who can write the most accurate Java algorithm to predict the March Madness Bracket. The winner of this contest will receive a $10 gift card for the Bagel Bakery! APCS students are also eligible to enter one bracket in the other competition as described above.


But wait — there’s more! Mrs. Richmond, Mr. Powers, and Mr. Buller will be filling out brackets as well! Their predictions will be on full display in the library, allowing you to compare your bracket to theirs. So if you don’t win a Michael’s gift card, at least you can claim bragging rights – granted Mr. Powers doesn’t get a perfect bracket!


So start thinking about your predictions! You will have a one day window to fill out and turn in your bracket after Selection Sunday (March 12th) before the tournament starts on Tuesday (March 14th).


If you want to get really technical, the below website keeps a running compilation of all sorts of college basketball stats that you can use to determine your predictions.


But at the same time, you’re more than welcome to fill out your bracket based on mascot ferociousness, favorite school names, or any other characteristics you desire!

Good luck to all of you – make sure not to miss out on this very fun and very lucrative opportunity!