Rip Roarin’ Renaissance Rally


Photo credits to Grace Hardin

The freshmen leadership section performs in the surprise leadership flashmob

Written by Lexi Rohrer

At 11:32 last Friday, the Pacific Grove student body filed into the gym for the school’s annual Renaissance Rally. Rally commissioner Om Dev Elzafon entered first, accompanied by the Superman theme song and dressed in the appropriate suit for our school’s “dress up as a character” day. Jessica Natale, the second rally commissioner, followed to the beat of the Dora the Explorer theme song, appropriately in full costume, complete with Dora’s friend Backpack slung over her back.

A celebration of the arts and academics, this rally typically revolves around Mr. Haggquist’s beloved Poetry Out Loud Contest. “You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into planning and executing these rallies”, said PGHS Vice Principal Mr. Keller, “between all the decorations the Leadership class tapes up, and all the time these students invest into memorizing and practicing their poems, it’s amazing how many hours a 45 minute event like this can take to prepare for.”

In between readings of poems such as Famous by Naomi Shihab Nye, performed by Jordi Modisette, and Sugar Dada by J allyn Rosser, performed by Annabel Davis, the student body watched routines by the Cheer Team, Breaker Girls, and even a surprise flash mob from the leadership class. “Despite the music choices and some of the dance moves, I still had a good time! The highlight was Lexi and my final move for sure!” said Ally Herrera, the Student Body Publicity Commissioner and formerly reluctant participant in the flash mob. To re-live Ally and Lexi’s last step, consult the many circling videos of the dance. Rally commissioners Jessica Natale, Om Dev Elzafon, and Analee Bonanno, along with help from Kulaea Tulua and Leah Stewart, choreographed the dance and taught it to the Leadership class. After two rounds of poem readings by Modisette, Davis, and senior Parker Staples, Mr. Haggquist announced the final results of the weeklong competition: Davis in 3rd, Modisette in 2nd, and Staples in 1st. Modisette and Staples will be continuing on to the county tournament in early February.

Unfortunately several other ideas for activities to entertain the student body were cut because of the tight rally schedule. One such activity was a reading of Kjaere, babygulrot, a Norwegian poem which some believe sums up the true essence of the arts and the Renaissance Rally.  Though it is clear where I stand on the pressing issue of whether Kjaere, babygulrot is true literature, you can decide for yourself, based on the original work and translation found below:

Kjaere, babygulrot




Lever I gulrotens skygge


Or, In English:

Dear babycarrot




Lives in the shadow of the carrot


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