You Too Can Go To Peru


Written by Emily Roper

What is the Peru Trip, you ask? Well the trip to Peru which is joined with Carmel High School’s language department. This joint tour includes a trip to principal cities, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Students who take part can do activities such as weaving and cooking. For the first time this trip includes staying in pairs with a Peruvian family, which will give them the opportunity to experience first hand, the aspects of daily life.

Is this something all students can do (you know like freshman)? All students at Pacific Grove and Carmel High School can attend on this trip. However because students will be staying with a Peruvian family (people who probably only know about 2% of English) it is recommended that you have at least one year’s experience in Spanish. For those who attend the trip, they get to experience seeing iconic sites that have been taught about in class (and also seeing llamas, lots of llamas). All of the students that attend will gain a greater understanding of Spanish, the Peruvian culture, and history. And of course, students will gain amazing lifelong memories (like memories of llamas, but you know cool stuff too like Machu Picchu).

So you ask when is this adventure to Peru happening? Keep in mind that all students interested in going to Peru must attend an informational meeting in January 2017 (date to be determined). The trip itself happens in June of 2018 (exact dates to be determined after confirmation with participants).

What about the cost of the Peru trip? The final cost of the trip is a baseline of $3,500, but the exact price is determined by the exact number of participants. Leading up to the trip which is a year and a half from now, there will be multiple fundraising opportunities for students.

      And who might you go to participate on this trip? Well obviously kids ask your parents first (unless you have 3,000 bucks laying around). Then talk to Señora Johnson and don’t forget to go to the meeting in January!