Serving Up Community Service Ideas



Written by Michelle Lee, Journalist

If you are a senior, and you are a bad procrastinator, you might have been worrying about community service. Or, maybe you’re a freshman and don’t procrastinate (which, trust me, is a good thing). Either way, don’t panic, because there are many ways to complete those 48 hours of community service long before they’re due.

First off, if you want to share your musical skills and perhaps have some talents that have been lying hidden all these years, playing at senior centers is a great way to both improve your performing abilities in front of audiences and provide entertainment for the older citizens of our community. Also, if you want to combine your talents of volunteering, cooking, and decorating, you can also help out at Meals on Wheels, right here in PG!

The list of community service opportunities is very long, and I’ve listed some resources that will help you decide where to give back to your community.

And don’t forget to think of these 48 hours as opportunities to find possible career paths. These 48 hours shouldn’t hold down your future goals or anything like that. If you have a strong desire to become a teacher or work with children, volunteer to help kids with homework at local elementary or middle schools. Younger pupils will appreciate the help tremendously. If you love athletics and believe that you have some extraordinary skills that are begging to be shown to the world, give younger athletic hopefuls helpful lessons. And if you are one of those talented bakers or chefs out there, and stay up until 1 a.m. baking cupcakes, you could host some bake sale fundraisers to for charity organizations that benefit the homeless.

The deadline for completing community service is coming up fast, but don’t panic! There are endless ways to finish off those 48 hours you need to graduate.


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