A Kiss for a Solider

A Kiss for a Solider

Written by Simon Colburn

My ship sails within the hour.

I need a kiss.

Just one, simple kiss.

A peck on the cheek, kiss on the hand, a merry forehead kiss, or a snazzy tap kiss.

As we set sail through the dense currents of the starry galaxy, I think of you.

And only you, befitting enough to hand you a ghostly kiss.

As I tuck my weary body to the cozy suburbs of the ship, I dream of you, adrift in the clouds admiring the beauties unknown to what I see in front of my eyes.

As I wake every morning, I mourn for the desire to gaze upon your face once more.

As I watch the stars dancing and the comets racing, I cry for your presence; and declare I would die for a time to be with you…or just one kiss.

Because I love you.

Just one kiss, and I ask nothing more.