How do the Freshmen Celebrate the Holidays?


Photo credits to Jackson Klarsfeld

Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

The Freshmen at PGHS have a plethora of ways of celebrating the holiday season. Let’s find out!

Fifty-five freshmen responded to a survey asking them how they celebrate the holiday season. About 67% of the freshmen surveyed said that they spend the holidays with their immediate family. John Coleman responded “I spend Christmas with my close family and spend spend time with my cousins and grandparents after.” Seth Knoop also spends the holidays “…with my [his] family.”

Some of the freshmen, such as Zaynab Wafa,  spend the holidays with their extended family and friends. Daniel Rosas and Mario Metias also spend time with their friends and family during the holidays.

About 71% of the freshmen surveyed travel for the holidays. Knoop “typically…travels to Big Bear Lake, CA and spends Christmas there playing in the snow.” Angel Soto also travels for the holiday season, “Sometimes we get to go to Yosemite and build snowmen.”

Some freshmen travel to see relatives, such as Clint Cargile. Cargile travels “…to Santa Rosa to my [his] grandma’s house.” Coleman also travels to see his family, “Sometimes we go to Texas to visit relatives.”

For 89% of the freshmen, the holiday season is their favorite time of the year. However, Daisy Swanson points out that “…the holidays come with a lot of stress, but it can still be fun. I also enjoy all of the rehearsals and concerts during the holiday season.”

Some freshmen, such as Knoop “…enjoy the holiday spirit of giving.” However, Will Stefanou and his family take the season of giving to a whole new level, “I hang out with my family and pass out cookies to random people. I like the holidays because it’s a festive time and people are much nicer. I wish that people could act similar to now all year long.”

The holidays are a wonderful time: relatives come over, people travel, snow falls if you don’t live in PG, students perform in plays or concerts, excitement is in the air, people give to others and are more kind. The holidays do inherently bring stress as well: relatives come over, people travel, students must take Finals and perform in plays or concerts. No matter what religion you – the reader – follow (or not), be kind to others this holiday season and give to others. Thank you!