Students Participate in Music Boosters Month-Long Fundraiser at Hyatt Hotel

Students Participate in Music Boosters Month-Long Fundraiser at Hyatt Hotel

Written by Michelle Lee, Journalist

On Wednesday night on November 2, 2016, you might have been doing homework, binge-watching Criminal Minds or Law & Order, or just calmly chilling out in your room.

But some PGHS students were doing something different for a change.

Seven PG High students and three PGMS students performed at the TusCa Ristorante at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey. This 2-hour event featured pianists, singers, and guitarists who entertained the diners with music ranging from classical to classics to modern pop music.

I interviewed this year’s PG Music Boosters president, Mrs. Kim Charles, and she informed me about this fundraiser, and talked about more opportunities like this one to come.

Although the Pacific Grove Music Boosters have not received a check yet, “David Lambert who is the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hyatt said [the Boosters] did well but did not specify an amount.” The Boosters most likely will not receive the check until early December. Charles says that “the student performance night is part of a much larger Fundraiser that the Hyatt is hosting. Each month that is designated for PG Music Boosters there will be a student performer night at the TusCa Ristorante.”  During that time when the students perform for the guests, “30% of every ticket is donated to PG Music Boosters,” regardless of whether or not people mention the Boosters. During the rest of the month, though, people who want to donate or support the PG music program will have to mention that they are supporting PG Music Boosters when they dine at any of the Hyatt’s three restaurants.

As soon as the Boosters crew know when the student performance nights will be, PGHS and PGMS Instrumental music teachers will be informed and then they will let their students know. Charles mentions that the student performance nights are a “great opportunity for students to put together their own group, or perform on their own if they so choose.” Additionally, she recommends that students should be prepared in advance and “continue to work on their music as well as take an active role in communicating with the teacher” if they want to have more opportunities to perform in front of audiences.

As for when the next student performance night for PG will be, Charles believes that, for now, it will be April of next year. More details will be provided to us after the Boosters meeting in February. She additionally states that “we are building on ideas at this point so we may offer more opportunities to students as we feel student involvement is very important. The middle school does bake sales on performance nights. We have a monthly executive board meeting and that is when we build on ideas people may have for fundraisers.” At these bake sale fundraisers, middle and high school students are welcome to attend and/or volunteer. Helping the Boosters out is a great way to complete some community service and help benefits the PG music program.

PG High/PG Middle Students who performed at fundraiser:

Reece O’Hagan- classical guitar

Joely, Cassandra, Jaye- singing (with guitar, ukulele, piano)

Middle school trio- singing (with percussion, ukelele, cello)

Michelle Lee- Classical and new age piano

Elizabeth Lee- Piano

Max Afifi- piano