Breaker Cross Country Comes to an End


Written by Everett Millette, Journalist

In succession of qualification in the CCS championships, both the 7 Varsity Boys and Anna Stefanou of the Girls, traveled to Woodward Park in Fresno in order to compete in this year’s Cross Country State Championships. The team departed Friday, stayed in a hotel that night, and got up bright and early Saturday morning to run in the first races of the day. The Breaker’s gave all they had to give in their races against the best of the best Division VI teams in the state of California, wrapping up their triumphant Cross Country Season in the most perfect way imaginable.

The day before the race started the Breaker team got some much needed time to familiarize themselves with the course at Woodward Park. Amongst the angry geese, the hundreds of nervous runners, the coaches and the fans, and of course the excitement in the air, the Breaker’s jogged each twist and turn, each uphill and downhill of the course in an effort to know just where they’d be running the next morning. A few hours later, it was off to dinner, and a few hours after that, off to the hotel in order to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

At the early hour of 6am, awoken by their alarm clocks, the Breaker’s rubbed their tired eyes, ate a minimal breakfast, prepared themselves for racing and headed back over to Woodward Park. There were 192 runners in the Boy’s Division IV Race and 189 runners in the Girl’s race. The course is a typical 5k cross country course with a flat section in the beginning, rolling hills in the middle section and finishes off with another flat section. The only variation compared to prior races was the early morning cold and the distinctly fast-paced and fierce competition. From start to finish the huge mass of runners chugged along like a mighty steam engine powered by the most conditioned and most talented Division IV high school runners in the State of California.

Jake Alt ran amazingly fast with an incredible time of 16:12, placing 27th overall. The boy’s ran well and placed 15th as a team. Anna Stefanou, the sole PG girl to make it to the State Meet, ran a time of 20:33. Congratulations to the Breaker Cross Country runners who made it this far and congratulations for having such a great season!

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