Dear Freshman, What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?


Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

On the third Thursday of every November, millions of Americans all across the country celebrate Thanksgiving by meeting with family and consuming too much food in one day. What do the freshmen of PGHS think of Thanksgiving? Let’s find out.

One common theme among the interviewees was simply that they enjoyed food. Kai Hoadley commented “It [Thanksgiving] means lots of food. Just food.” Tyler Smithtro believes Thanksgiving is best represented by “The 3 F’s: Food, Family and Fun, but mostly just food.” Jesse Herzog agreed with Tyler, except he added Football to the list.

Other freshmen, such as Angel Soto, thought of Thanksgiving as a time for giving and appreciation. “It [Thanksgiving] means that people should think more about others and be thankful for what they have.” Gurshan Riarah, in agreement, simply stated “It’s [Thanksgiving] a time to be grateful.” Dallas Davis added “You’re grateful for what you have.” Thomas Jameson surmised “Thanksgiving is a way to show our appreciation for others and come together.”

For some, such as Alana Henden, being with other family members was what Thanksgiving meant to them. “It [Thanksgiving] means seeing my family and being together with everybody.”

For others, Thanksgiving meant a combination of food and family. Sergi Rodas-Mendoza believes that “Thanksgiving means that my family gets to be together and eat food.” Jesse Pegis concurred with Sergi, commenting “It’s [Thanksgiving] a time to get together with family and eat food.” Kira added to Jesse’s and Segi’s comments, saying “We get a week off, which is nice. I also get to see my family and eat food.” Noor Benny concluded that “Thanksgiving means sharing food, connections, or connections through food.”

Robertson Rice agreed with the statements aforementioned, but added some true words of wisdom. “It’s nice to be with my friends and family while eating good food, but Black Friday is really overrated.”

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy food, the company of others and to give thanks for all that is appreciated. Thanksgiving started as a feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest, and has grown into a national holiday where families come together, give thanks, and enjoy a delicious meal.