MadTown Throwdown a Mad Success for the BreakerBots


Written by Oscar Scholin, Reporter

The PGHS Robotics Team participated in a competition on the 11th of November: MadTown Throwdown at Madera High School, competing against 32 other robotic teams from around California. The robot “Madoc” was the combined effort of the entirety of the robotics team, working tirelessly to create a better, more efficient robot. The team’s efforts paid off, creating a robot that required minimal maintenance after each round.

Zeus Marquez, junior and Team Captain of the PGHS Robotics Team, commented that “The best thing about this competition was that the PGHS Breakerbots placed 10th and became the Alliance Captain of the 6th Seed Alliance,” putting Zeus in control of choosing alliances with other teams. “Although we were eliminated in the quarterfinals, it was the best that we, as a team, have ever done and we continue to strive for greater success at future competitions.”

The competition served as a unique experience for people to come together and work towards a common goal, ultimately gaining new knowledge and more experience as a whole. Zeus believes “Next competition, I strive to have an effective system of strategizing and also having many more relationships and connections with other teams,” creating a more connected, stronger community of roboticists and a stronger team.

The robotics team is currently working towards their next competition: the Central Valley Regional in March of 2017. If you wish to support the robotics team, you may by donating at this website: Any contribution greatly benefits the team, allowing for the purchase of new parts and their participation in more competitions.