Rounding Up Fall Sports


Written by Everett Millette, Journalist

As the chill of winters ensues, the days of football, tennis, volleyball, and golf are over and the days of cross country are numbered. As sad as it is, it’s an inevitable truth. The countless fall sport fanatics at our school are certainly in for a rude awakening as volleyball nets are taken down in lieu of an open basketball court and golf balls are traded in for soccer balls. Which PG sport season is the greatest of them all? Well, that’s up for you to decide of course. All good things must come to an end and in this case it’s out with fall sports and in with the, equally as fantastic: soccer, basketball and wrestling.

So how did Breaker Fall Sports perform in MTAL? Unfortunately, despite hard work and good ambitions, both volleyball and golf did not make it on towards the League Championships. But, MTAL is often a darn tough league for a lot of sports, like seriously, and there’s no doubt these teams gave it their absolute all and undoubtedly did some really great things in their seasons. For example, Camile Colon of PG Volleyball, won the sportsmanship award for all county, with Becket Sebok and Zoya Raja as honorable mentions. The volleyball girls were exceptionally dedicated to their sport, no doubt, and they all worked extensively to achieve the best performance record in six years.

Tennis? We have our very own Tennis champ here at Pacific Grove High School, and she just happened to sweep her semifinal and final matches, becoming this year’s tennis league champ. Savana McDowell scored a 6-4 win over York, completing an extremely impressive undefeated season. So really, you should be proud to be called a Breaker after hearing that.

Last but certainly not least, Breaker Cross Country. The notoriously fast breaker team, competed gloriously at MTAL Championships in King City. The amazing girls team triumphed and earned 1st place and the boys got 2nd place, losing to Greenfield by only 2 measly points. But wait, there’s more: a week later, the Breaker Team traveled out to Crystal springs in order to compete in the huge CCS Championships meet with a shot of going on even farther to the State Meet in Fresno. And the boy’s as a team and Anna Stefanou, despite rough races, earned their spot at the State Meet on November 26th. And, seriously, making it to the State Meet is no small task. It’s been a long time, that an individual, let alone an entire team, earned a spot at the State Meet.

Congratulations to this year’s fall sports for great seasons and great victories. Pacific Grove Cross Country will be traveling to Fresno on the 26th in order to compete in this year’s Cross Country State Meet.