Shoe Rally Kicks Off On Right Foot

Written by Helena Kurocik

November 4th, 2016 – Pacific Grove High School students were welcomed into the gym by red and gold beads from leadership students and cheerleader enthusiasm. The occasion? The annual Shoe Rally, the final hurrah before the infamous PG v Carmel football game Teachers, parents, and staff scattered throughout the gym, waiting anxiously for the start of the well-hyped sequel to Jackson Klarsfeld’s homecoming rally video.

The clip  did not disappoint. Depicting a quest from Mr. Morgan to find The Shoe, football players from every grade level searched for The Shoe in different climate zones, with the freshmen in the desert, sophomores in the swamp, juniors in the tropics, and seniors in the mountains.  None of the grade levels were successful,  until the seniors discovered it in a glass case at Carmel High School. In a moment of brilliance, the seniors swore to earn the Shoe at the football game the next day. Suddenly, the real varsity football players swarmed into the gym, and the students rose to their feet and cheered. With that, the Shoe Rally was underway, and Analee Bonanno and Jessica Natale welcomed the Breaker Girls to the floor.

A remix and shuffle of songs broke out as the dancers performed various styles of jazz and hip-hop.


Next, the cheerleaders presented a routine packed with an assortment of stunts and tons of Breaker Spirit. After performing the routine beloved of our halftime shows, the cheerleaders broke into a music-less cheer full of clapping and stomping that the crowd loved.


The rally commissioners then introduced the games. The first was a test of how many times a team of two could kick a football through a goalpost. The winners were seniors Nick Coppla and Trevor Moore.

Second, a tricycle race. While the sophomore and junior classes wisely chose students who could actually fit onto the tricycles, one of the senior class representatives was Zachary Miller, who was disqualified while facing the juniors for standing on the tricycle instead of sitting on it.

Ben Elisco zooms to success

Zachary Miller zooms to disqualification

Zachary Miller zooms to disqualification

However, in the final round, Kulaea Tulua received disqualification for the same tactic, which begs the question of whether the tactic was worth disqualification at all in the first place.

(The move that disqualified Tulua and Miller)

Regardless, the sophomores were declared the winners, and the final game began: tug-of-war, with freshmen facing sophomores and juniors fighting the seniors. The two winners, sophomores and seniors, battled out a tough duel that resulted in a victory for the tenth graders.

Next, a rap battle with Deaven Keller and his back-up dancers vs Vice-Principal, Keller, and the librarian, Mr. Morrison (AKA Flava Frank), riled up the students, as Mr. Keller revealed his unknown talent for rapping. Mr. Morrison could not have served as a better back-up singer for what Mr. Keller had in store for the audience.



Mr. Morgan closed the rally by getting the crowd excited for the next day’s game with chants and words of encouragement. As the rally finally concluded, the students chanted, “Eee-yah! Eee-yah! Beat Carmel!” with hopes to win back The Shoe at the next day’s football game. Read about that game here

All Photo Credits to Jackson Klarsfeld