OK Freshman – Check-In Time!


Photo credits to Helice Eitelgeorge

Written by Oscar Scholin


Pacific Grove — With the first quarter of high school behind them, freshmen have differing opinions on how they felt about the first quarter overall.

Out of fifty-five freshmen surveyed all about the first quarter, half truly enjoyed high school, many for a plethora of reasons. Aram Aghajanian believes “i t’s fun. We do get a lot of homework, but it’s fun to be with my friends and learn new things.”  One student even went as far to say “I love waking up and going to school to see my friends everyday.”  Some agreed that while the homework was quite intense at times, school sports made their day. “I like the volleyball program because I feel included and I learned a lot. The coaches really do care about us and the sport,” commented Kira Kitayama.

Danielle Lis likes “high school because there’s more freedom and the environment has a much more positive feel.”

“It’s pretty fun because we have more lunch activities and the learning experience is much better,” adds Sean Silveria.

Some, such as Jesse Herzog, simply “like high school because it’s good to have a change.”

However, for 14.8% of interviewees, high school is less liked. For Thomas Jameson, his “…homework has negatively impacted my sleep cycle, impairing my learning.”

Katie Hansen agrees, arguing that “…I miss a lot of sleep trying to balance my homework, volleyball and band.”

For Lis, as long as “…you manage it [time] well, then the load is easier to deal with.”

On the other hand, however, 60% of respondents found high school more enjoyable than middle school, again for many reasons. Although Kitayama found high school “more stressful than middle school,” she thought the lunches were much better. “I’m grateful to come to this school and meet new people.” Andre Crannell noticed that “we have much more freedom than we did at the middle school. For example, we can use our phones during lunch.” And Eric Aris believes that “the high school is a lot better academically and that there is a lot more freedom.”wimg_2340

Freshman Bella Rohrer at the Carmel v PG football game (Photo Credits: Jackson Klarsfeld)

68.6% of the interviewees found high school more difficult than they anticipated. “On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s an 8 because we have more work to complete,” explains Christian Ayers, and Jesse Herzog agreed: “the classes are harder because we’re learning more advanced concepts.”

For freshmen in a similar position as Jameson, who struggled to keep a normal sleep cycle once school started, the challenge is “…to manage my time to do my homework with time to sleep.” However, Aram points out that “As a freshman, it [homework load] doesn’t compare to that of the seniors, but as soon as you get used to high school it’s easy.”

While high school may be difficult for some, 70.4% of freshmen found their grades to either meet or exceed their standards. Crannell found his grades “…pretty close to what I [he] expected. Coming into high school, I knew it would be harder than middle school.”

In the words of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” The first quarter of high school may have been difficult, but the freshmen persevered with the help of their friends, teachers, extracurricular activities, and even lunch time.


(Photo Credits: Helice Eitelgeorge)