Clubs: Wanted Dead or Alive


Photo credits to Maggie Lindenthal-Cox

A long standing club at PGHS, 2015 Mock Trial receives end of the year awards.

Written by Oscar Scholin, Journalist

Some of the teachers at PGHS were interviewed about which clubs they thought should be brought back from the annals of the school. Mrs. Goana suggested that the AFS, or American Field Service Club, should be restarted. “We worked with other schools to help foreign exchange students learn their way around their new school while making new friends in the process. The club also encouraged other students to become foreign exchange students themselves, allowing them to learn the language and customs of a particular culture,” comments Mrs. Goana.

Mrs. D’Amico once hosted a GECKO Club with her AP Environmental students that practiced environmental stewardship. She believes that the school should start another environmental club.

Mrs. Selfridge once participated in a Quiz Bowl/Jeopardy Club that she thought might be fun if brought back; however, she explained that “All of the good clubs either stuck around or became classes. Although, it would be nice to have Book Club, as long as it’s not about Twilight. We’re not reviving that one.”

Do you, the reader, have any ideas for a new club or one that should be revived? If so, find a teacher who would be willing to host your club and gather team mates!