Black Friday? Sales? Shopping? Please give us a break!


Written by Emily Roper, Journalist

It seems these days that Christmas creeps up on us earlier and earlier every year. Before fall even starts Christmas décor is already popping up on the shelves of stores. The week before Halloween arrives we begin to see commercials for holiday sales and Black Friday. Commercials bombard us with the reminder that we need to get out at start buying gifts and decorations for the holiday season. As a result, Thanksgiving and Halloween are left in the background like an extra in a play.

Black Friday used to be a one day sale to kick of the holiday shopping season in which people buy gifts at a lower price than any other time of the year. Now it’s turned into a sale that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a whole month. Black Friday gives Christmas shopping a greedy and cheap atmosphere and tarnishes the whole theme of Thanksgiving.

Also it seems as if Thanksgiving has been eliminated from the holiday festivities and even Halloween is starting to lose television advertisements and hype. However, while Halloween still gets attention on in commercials and in stores the same does not go for Thanksgiving. Commercials skip over a holiday meant to give thanks for what we have and continue on with Christmas.

Christmas’s consumerist spirit swallows up all the other wonderful fall and winter holidays because so many people treat it more as an excuse for gifts than what it is really about. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years, all these holidays included in the “Holiday Season” are all meant to celebrate family, friends, and all the other things in life we have to be grateful for. It’s a time also to give back to others, who might not have everything they really need in life, and to thank those who have given to us throughout the year. Commercializing and creating a purchasing frenzy takes away the spirit of all these holidays.

Now I’m not saying Christmas, or any holiday really is bad. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any advertising. However, it all needs to be done at an appropriate time, in the appropriate way. Let’s hype up Halloween in October, hype up Thanksgiving in November, hype up the real Christmas spirit in December and hype New Year’s after Christmas.