PG Fights Hard but Doesn’t Reclaim the Shoe


Photo by Jackson Klarsfeld

Written by EJ Defensor, Writer, Sports Editor

Carmel – Last Saturday, The PG Breakers suffered a disappointing loss to the Carmel Padres for the coveted Shoe Game. In addition, the successes of Carmel, Soledad, and Greenfield all ensured that the Breakers would not go to the Playoffs this year.

From a scoring viewpoint, much of the game was back and forth, as a glance at the Game Log will tell. However, perhaps due to inopportune timing, Carmel would win by holding on to their lead and the inability for the Breakers to convert stops on defense to scoring on offense. The Breakers would actually open the game with possession of the ball, but their struggles to score early would eventually be evident, as PG would not score in the first quarter. Carmel would actually achieve the first scoring plays, with a field goal and a touchdown within 3 minutes left in the first quarter.

The Breaker’s first scoring play would eventually be a staple Noah Cryns rushing touchdown with 10:49 left in the first half. Carmel would respond the next drive, as with most of the game, with another touchdown to maintain the 10 point lead. The next scoring opportunity for the Breakers was almost another touchdown, but the PG coaches decided to kick the field goal instead. Unfortunately, Carmel quickly responded with yet another touchdown to expand their lead to 14 points going into the half.

Unfortunately for the Breakers, Carmel had possession of the ball to open the second half, which only allowed Carmel to expand their lead to 21 points. From there, all PG could do was attempt to catch up. Another Cryns rushing touchdown closed the point deficit for the Breakers with 6:21 left in the third quarter, but quick responses from Carmel in the form of another field goal maintained the lead.

By the last quarter, it proved clear that the Breakers could not overcome Carmel’s lead, but that did not stop PG from trying. In fact, the Breakers would manage to score three touchdowns, all rushing touchdowns from Cryns, to Carmel’s two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. In the end, the Breakers would lose the Shoe Game 48 – 37, much to the dismay of many Breaker seniors. PG would end the season 5 – 5, 4 – 3 MTAL.

Photos courtesy of Jackson Klarsfeld





Junior Varsity (L): 44 – 36

Varsity (L): 48 – 37


1st Quarter

00:00 – Zero Chill

03:00 – Carmel Field Goal (3 – 0)

02:16 – Carmel TD (10 – 0)

2nd Quarter

10:49 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (10 – 7)

08:22 – Carmel TD (17 – 7)

04:06 – PG Field Goal (17 – 10)

00:52 – Carmel TD (24 – 10)

3rd Quarter

09:55 – Carmel TD (31 – 10)

06:21 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (31 – 17)

01:56 – Carmel Field Goal (34 – 17)

4th Quarter

08:57 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (34 – 24)

07:22 – Carmel TD (41 – 24)

04:46 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (41 – 31)

00:58 – Carmel TD (48 – 31)

00:00 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (41 – 37)


EDIT (11/16/16 12:33) A previous version attributed the cover photo to Miles Lewis rather than Jackson Klarsfeld