Breaker Cross Country Triumphs over King City


Written by Everett Millette, Journalist

On campus, this Thursday afternoon, the Breaker Cross Country Team competed against the notoriously fast King City Cross Country Team. The boy’s varsity race was at 4:00, the girl’s varsity race at 4:30 and junior varsity ran at 5:00. The exceptional Breaker Team, with yet another splendid performance, came out victorious in the boy’s race, girl’s race and the junior varsity race.

Two words are plenty enough in describing the 1.95 mile Breaker Home Course: blazing fast. Seriously, blazing fricking fast. If you’re ever lucky enough to witness one of these meets, you’d see for yourself. It’s a spectacle, no doubt and you’d be surprised just how exciting these races can get. The Home Course is fast as heck. It’s a brutal frenzy of absolute guts and grit complete with steep hills and an impassioned crowd.

King City is to PG Cross Country as Carmel is to PG Football. There’s undoubtedly a rivalry between the two teams and you can feel it in the air the moments before the start of the race. King City notoriously has some of the fastest runners in the league and has been just out of PG’s grasp since 2013. At the start of the race, located on the baseball field, gold and blue lined up on the start line all ready to do battle. When the starter gun goes off, you’ll miss it if you blink, the runners all dash out the gate and up towards the locker rooms. A few minutes-or-so later after a loop around school campus, the runners all trudge by JV football practice and sprint out towards the track. The crowd cheers vehemently as the race increases in intensity at this point, with the runners fully aware that the race is about half way over. At the finish, the runners curve around down and onto the track as fast as humanly possible, and use all their stored up adrenaline in perhaps the most important part of the race. This kick, as its called, the final sprint, is often times the deciding factor in terms of who wins or loses.

Coming out on top at a PG cross country meet is an art form. So much focused attention and energy is required along with mind-boggling pace precision. It takes pure skill and guts to run a race as well as fast as any of the top runners. Especially, this Thursday, with the best time of the day at 9:33. Just to be sure you heard that correctly, 9:33 for 1.95 miles complete with twists and turns and steep hills at practically a full sprint. Amazing stuff.

“Just beat their second man and we’ll win it,” said Coach Watkins while encouraging the varsity boys about the possibility of coming out on top versus the very fierce competitor in PG’s midsts. And in the end Jake Alt with a time of 9:49 and Everett Millette at 9:55 both ended up in front of King City’s second man helping to secure a hard-fought win. Roman Munoz of King City got first place in the varsity boy’s race with a course record of 9:33. Christina Hashimoto with a time of 12:14 won the varsity girls race followed by Anna Stefanou, Kismet Isik and Mei Bailey all crossing the finish line before any King City runner, and together ensuring a well-deserved victory. Next Thursday, the Breakers travel to King City in order to compete in this year’s MTAL Championship.everett-millette-10_28_2016