Fall VAPA Week Chalk Art


Photo credits to Ryann Horning

Written by Nicole Weber

To celebrate Spanish Heritage month and Día De Los Muertos, (Day of the Dead), Pacific Grove High School has held its first ever fall VAPA week. The main hall has been covered with art, one of the prominent set of art works being the chalk art by the students of the Drawing and Painting art class and the students of the AP Art class that has taken over the walkways of main hall.

The art students spent three days working on the chalk sugar skulls and the chalk murals. Working through their art classes, free periods, and even after school, the students were able to create chalk murals, some of which reached a professional level.

Personally being one of the AP Students who had the opportunity to work on the chalk murals, I can say it was a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it. The AP students worked with the chalk starting first period, during their free periods, the classes they could get excused from, and after school.

Most students worked in teams of two or three and would occasionally get help from other art students and the leadership class. Starting with sketching a rough outline and moving into layers of color and blending, the art pieces slowly came to life, before the eyes of the students and faculty. After three days the art students brought the works of art to life for the celebration of Day of the Dead and Hispanic Heritage month, bringing bringing a greater array of color and creativity to the school. Even though the Fall VAPA week will soon be over, the chalk art will hopefully stay until the rain washes it away.

Update 10/27/16: Sadly, the chalk was not to last long. With a rain only a week later, the AP student’s art has since been tracked across Main Hall, leaving colorful footprints and faded versions of the once vibrant art.