Class of 2017 Senior Picnic – Video Feature

Relive the 2016 Senior Picnic through the lens of Miles’s camera

Miles Lewis

Written by Vanya Truong, Editor

This year, there were many mixed emotions about the Class of 2017’s Senior Picnic. Traditionally, the picnic has always taken place in Carmel Valley. However, due to conflicts, the picnic was relocated to Pacific Grove’s very own Lovers’ Point beach area. Many students were aggravated at the mundanity of the setting and the fact that seniors would have to walk. 

May Khalil purchased her ticket for the picnic last-minute, but was still wary about “paying thirty dollars for a lunch from Michael’s,” a local Mexican restaurant and the caterer selected for the picnic. Perhaps it was a psychological strategy by the staff to not bring in Michael’s until two hours into the picnic, because after the lunch came, spirits seemed to be immensely boosted. Asides from a great lunch, there were people jumping from the pier (jumping, not diving, because the latter is not permitted), brave souls who dared to swim in the algid Pacific Ocean, volleyball games, drone flying, and plenty of lounging around. In any case, many seniors could be heard remarking how surprisingly enjoyable the event had turned out–even the weather was pleasantly warm.