Get Close Up with Close Up


Written by Emily Roper, Journalist

Every year students have the opportunity to go on an amazing trip to Washington DC. This year the trip takes place from November 26th to December 3rd and is guaranteed to be especially interesting with the 2016 election happening earlier in the month!

The trip costs about 2,000 dollars, but even if you don’t have the money there are fundraising opportunities! Anyone who has signed up for the trip can go to club meetings where fundraising events are planned by the whole group. Next year there should be a club specifically for the trip that will hopefully be permanent fixture at our school.

There are many benefits to going on the D.C. trip, PGHS students meet students from all over the country and even Senators and Congressmen and women. There are also public speakers to discuss government, politics, and the White House and will be chances to sit in on mock trials and go to debates. In fact, there are many activities to do with your group in the evenings so you never get bored!

The Close Up trip is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. But freshman can still sign up so they can raise money for themselves in upcoming years.

As far as why you should go on the trip… well why not? Just kidding, there tons of better reasons! (Now just letting everybody know I’m only a freshman so I haven’t been on the trip, but I heard awesome stuff  about from Mrs. Gaona). There is a lot to learn from the trip, it’s super fun and there’s lots to do! I was told that even people who were skeptical about Washington D.C. and didn’t really want to go still had so much fun and were very happy they went.

If you have any questions about the trip talk to Mrs. Gaona in room K-3 or check out the website below…


Click for Close Up Website