The Butterfly Parade

Written by Luke Herzog, Reporter

Pacific Grove — Nostalgia filled the air on this year’s warm October 1st, as Pacific Grove heralded the arrival of the monarch in its annual butterfly parade — a tradition dating all the way back to 1939. FDR was president, Gone With the Wind was about to premiere, and Superman comics had come out for the first time.

This year, behind the procession of adorable winged children, PGHS showed their spirit and their talent on this festive occasion. The band marched in perfect unison, their faces stoic as red and gold capes flowed majestically behind them. Following our band were the cheerleaders. “We had a great time,” said cheer co-captain Lauren Pick. “I think we showed the town our Breaker pride.”

Finally, around the corner came the freaky floats of our Haunted Homecoming. Skeletons and cobwebs filled the streets, a small taste of the spookiness ahead in October. But the best part of the parade was of course the kids who had a blast while we high schoolers hearkened back to yesteryear when the closest we got to physics was tetherball and the nearest thing to literary analysis was discussions about Clifford the Big Red Dog. “I want to be a butterfly again!” exclaimed Katya Bernard a sophomore at PGHS. As we age, memories of the parade will always be with us.