Homecoming Fashion

Written by Helena Kurocik, Reporter

During the 2016 Homecoming Dance, Pacific Grove High School witnessed a variety of fashion trends. Compared to other formal dances, homecoming is usually considered the most casual as far as dresswear. Because the homecoming dance tends to have more leeway, students wear various fashion trends that otherwise may not have appear at other school dances. Most girls usually wear short, simple dresses, while boys typically wear button-up shirts with dress pants. Some girls, such as Kulaeu Tulua, even wore rompers to steer off from the typical dress code (pun intended).

To emphasize Homecoming’s casual theme many students opted for tennis shoes instead of dress shoes. Kaitlyn Van Lone (a sophomore girl at PGHS) wore converse tennis shoes with her dress to emphasize the casual homecoming style. “They’re just way more comfortable than heels,” Kaitlyn explained. Many boys, like Thomas Tyron (junior), also decided to go the comfortable route with tennis shoes. When asked why he decided to wear such shoes he exclaimed, “Why wear fancy shoes when I can wear my sneakers?!” Makes sense.  

Some couples chose to dress to portray their unique personalities. A group of cross-country runners, including Lexi Rohrer, Jacob Alt, Christina Hashimoto, Will Stefanou, and Anna Stefanou, wore their cross-country shoes while taking pictures at Lover’s Point. The group claims they wore the shoes because that’s what makes them different from everyone else attending the dance.

This year’s Homecoming Dance clearly witnessed many variations in apparel choice, ranging dresses to shoes. However, students also dared to set new trends which we may see ripple into upcoming formal dances.