Homecoming Rally: Spooky and Spectacular

Written by Lexi Rohrer, Reporter

Friday, September 23rd–The 2016 Haunted Homecoming Rally took place Friday, September 23rd honoring two new Hall of Fame Member inductees, Keith Decker and Ruth R. Young. Keith Decker ran on the track team during his time at PGHS, and participated in the school’s drama program performing in his first play, The Diary of Anne Frank, in 1963. Mr. Decker went on to become a local celebrity actor well known in the Bay Area community. During his career, Mr. Decker acted in the  the 1996 made-for-TV movie The Man Next Door, and pursued the stage while producing a self written play, The Velvet Coat.  His speech at the rally encouraged the students to try things they would never expect themselves to enjoy to truly find their passion. Ruth R. Young, our other 2016 inductee,  worked at Robert H. Down as Vice Principal, Lighthouse Elementary School as a 6th grade teacher, and, most notably, Pacific Grove High School as a counselor for more than twenty years. During her time here, Ruth touched the lives of many students and strongly urged them to further their education after high school. As well as interacting with her students, Mrs. Young was also an active member of the community, committing over 1,600 volunteer hours to the Aquarium. Even after her passing, Mrs, Young still gives back to her students through the Ruth R. Young scholarship program.  

As well as inducting two phenomenal members to our Hall of Fame, this year’s rally games differed notably from previous years. The dreaded “Cookie Game,” deemed by the rally commissioners as inappropriate, has been replaced with a life size version of Hungry Hungry Hippos involving Penny boards, laundry baskets, and tennis balls. The other game played at the rally, Ghostbusters, more directly related to the theme of the week, although it came with its own set of problems. The participants challenge, to find a “ghost” from their grade clad in a black hoodie and hiding in the crowd, ran into trouble when the ghosts’ clothing was not unique enough to distinguish them from the crowd members who simply wore black hoodies to school that day. A moderate level of confusion ensued, and as a result, those not searching for or playing the ghosts, such as senior EJ Defensor, were unnecessarily singled out.

Finally, the Homecoming Video, succeeded in boosting school spirit and excitement at the beginning of the rally. Jackson Klarsfeld (the main director and editor) impressed his audience with realistic ghost effects and implications of the other Haunted Homecoming creatures represented by the four classes. The video movie featured Noah Cryns, a football player just searching for a date to homecoming. When he saw a ghost, who was oh so coincidentally played by his real life girlfriend, Jane Weichert, he began to chase after her and the end of the movie became fairly clear. Segueing into the traditional Homecoming proposal that the video presents to every year, Noah asked Jane to be his date to Homecoming, a question that she happily accepted. The senior class later voted Noah and Jane Homecoming King and Queen at the halftime show that night.