Breakers Ruin Gonzales’s Homecoming Game with a Strong Win

Written by EJ Defensor, Sports Editor, Writer

Gonzales – Coming off of a bitter loss to Stevenson the previous week, the Breakers manage a win against the Gonzales Spartans during their own Homecoming Game.

The Breakers got to work early when Noah Cryns handily returned the opening Gonzales kickoff. Cryns followed up his scoring play with another later in the first quarter when he ran in another touchdown with 3:11 left in the first quarter. PG kept the momentum with a two point conversion–a pass to Kane Miller–after the Cryns rushing touchdown.

The Varsity Football Team continued their domination of the home team with two more touchdowns in the second quarter to give the Breakers their largest lead of the game. The first touchdown being a passing play to Trevor Moore with 7:11 left in the quarter, the second touchdown being yet another rushing play from Cryns just 3 minutes later. Gonzales does, however, avoid a shutout on their Homecoming Game with a touchdown late in the second quarter. The Breakers responded with seconds left in the first half with another touchdown to send the home team down 35 – 6 going into halftime.

The second half turned out more in Gonzales’s favor, as the Breakers slowly relax and begin to sub in their second and third string players. The momentum would build slowly for Gonzales as the third quarter would not see any scoring plays until 2:10 left in the quarter with a touchdown from Gonzales. The Breakers responded quickly, this time a rushing touchdown from Nick Coppla.

In the fourth quarter, Gonzales managed to close the Breakers’ lead with three touchdowns, especially while the Breakers swap their starters for second and third string players. However, the PG lead proved too large for Gonzales and, when compounded with a passing touchdown to Calvin Stickler, the Breakers left with the win, despite Gonzales’s late run.

The Breakers seek to break their even overall win ratio the following week (3 – 3 / 2 – 1 MTAL). The Breakers play King City next week at home on Friday October 14.





Junior Varsity (W): 42 – 0

Varsity (W): 47 – 31


1st Quarter

11:44 – PG Return TD Cryns (7 – 0)

03:11 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (15 – 0)


2nd Quarter

07:11 – PG Passing TD Moore (22 – 0)

04:00 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (29 – 0)

01:43 – Gonzales TD (29 – 6)

00:12 – PG Rushing TD (35 – 6)


3rd Quarter

02:10 – Gonzales TD (35- 13)

01:12 – PG Rushing TD Coppla (41 – 13)


4th Quarter

11:52 – Gonzales TD (41 – 19)

10:20 – PG Passing TD Stickler (47 – 19)

06:49 – Gonzales TD (47 – 25)

00:24 – Gonzales TD (47 – 31)