The Signs as SAT Things

October 2, 2016

Aries: the kid that actually ate a healthy breakfast and strategically packed brain food snacks 

Taurus: the kid who overdresses 

Gemini: the proctor that doesn't really know what they're doing 

Cancer: the kid who didn't study but does surprisingly well 

Leo: the one kid who is sick and keeps sniffling the entire test

Virgo: the song stuck in your head the entire test 

Libra: the hard math problem you didn't study for (because you were hopingit wouldn't be on the test) 

Scorpio: the one kid who is scarily calm and quiet 

Sagittarius: the SAT book you bought but never touched 

Capricorn: the kid with a high SAT score but still insists on re-taking 

Aquarius: the kid who believes College Board and standardized testing are all one giant conspiracy 

Pisces: the one reading passage that is actually interesting
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