Senior Servant Day

Written by Lauren Pick, Reporter

Pacific Grove – This Monday was our annual Senior Servant Day, in which students and faculty bid on pre­selected seniors in order to claim them as their servant for the following day. The seniors up for auction were Ally Hererra, Paola Morales, Shira Kershner, Skylar Stamey, Nick Coppla, Trevor Moore, Noah Cryns, Parker Staples, Calvin Stickler, OmDev Elzafon, Jessica Natale, and Nick Tillotson. They raised a total of $110.50. The day after, owners made their servants wear silly clothes and do them favors. For example, Shira’s owner Lorenz Cushman made her wear a tutu and wings, play the ukulele, dance the jig, and carry around her backpack, for a mere $5 bid. Meanwhile, Noah Cryns, bought by his younger brother Josh for $15, was forced to wear crocs and an “I Love Josh and Jane” shirt. OmDev and Calvin, bought as a pair by Matthew Alvarado for $17, had to wear dresses and skirts along with a lovely pair of ladybug wings. Perhaps the most interesting servant­ owner relationship of all, though, was that of Parker Staples and Takoda Fletcher. After going through an intense bidding war to finally buy Parker for $20, Takoda decided not to make her do anything for him the next day. It seems Takoda either had a change of heart or simply felt like donating $20 to our leadership class.