PG Girls Volleyball Miss the Mark in Carmel Game

Written by Helena Kurocik, Reporter

Pacific Grove – The Pacific Grove High School Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Team suffered an unfortunate loss against Carmel High School on Tuesday, September 20th in an at home game. Carmel was winning for the entire game and left with the winning score of 25 to 17. Spectators of the game claim it was a “heated match” due to the fierce Pacific Grove vs. Carmel rivalry.


Girls on the PG High Volleyball Team claim that they could have won, but simply did not play to the best of their ability. Tristin Sahlie, sophomore volleyball player, explains, “we got in our heads because of our lack of confidence going into the game.” Mary Grebing, junior volleyball player, elaborated that “the team played it safe” because the PG team built up the Carmel team in their heads to be better than they were since they won last year.


When asked about her coaches, Ally Herrera, co-captain of the PG Volleyball Team, described the numerous pep talks her coaches gave between games. She then went on to explain how the assistant-coach always provides the team with an inspirational quote at the start of every game. “It’s the perfect boost of encouragement to start every game,” described Herrera. While explaining PG’s plans for next year against the Carmel Volleyball Game, she exclaimed, “We’ll get ‘em back next year!”