The Weird and Wonderful World of Water Bottle Flipping

Written by Jesse Herzog, Journalist

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Another internet challenge… Considering the power of the internet and the other, wackier fads it has produced, the bottle flip challenge seems harmless. This is how it works: Fill or empty a plastic water bottle to about one-quarter to one-third full. Try to flip the bottle so it lands perfectly on the bottom. The weight of the water in the bottle makes for an easier flip. Invented by Mike Senatore, a high school student, the challenge was originally thought up to entertain Senatore at his workplace. Senatore practiced and performed the feat at his school’s talent show. Needless to say, the internet went nuts.

Many people have put interesting twists on this challenge, such as landing the bottle on the cap instead of the bottom, landing it on a small platform, and flipping larger containers like gallon jugs. These twists are showcased by Dude Perfect, a group of YouTube trick shot stars, in a video which has over 26 million views only two months after being released. The bottle flip challenge appeals to people because it is simple, fun, and much less dangerous than trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon.

While flipping a bottle for fun may seem childish at first, once you start to get better and land the bottle, there’s no telling what you’ll go for next. On top of that post? On the window sill? Across the room on that table against the wall? There are endless adventures to be had with this primitive yet diverse challenge. Dude Perfect went as far as to flip off a mini-trampoline, simultaneously landing a bottle on a table. No matter the size of the bottle, the trajectory of the throw, or the amount of internet fame, there is no better feeling than landing a bottle flip.