Pool Party Ends with a (Belly) Flop

Photo credits to Jackson Klarsfeld
Trevor Moore (12) attempts a flip off the diving board

Written by Lexi Rohrer

Saturday, September 17th– The National Honor Society Pool Party, held to support the Sobranes Fire Relief Efforts, was a blast, but failed to attract the amounts of people the organizers had originally hoped. The lack of crowds can likely be attributed to the concurrent lack of publicity in the weeks before. Despite the posters that papered the halls and announcements on the bulletin, the most important medium through which event news gets spread–word of mouth–was virtually nonexistent. Although the weather cleared up just in time, there were more than enough snacks for purchase and the all around atmosphere seemed perfect, the event didn’t raise quite enough money to meet expectations. Those who did attend had fun, enjoying the rare Pacific Grove warmth, giant pool floaties, and challenging each other on the diving board. However, NHS president Camden Smithtro declares that ‘we are never doing a pool charity again’ and laments the fact that ‘I didn’t learn from the last pool party NHS tried to throw,” which had ended with the club losing money.  All told, the organization did end up breaking even and plans to donate the small profits to the charity as planned.