The Train

The first installment in a series of short stories by PGHS’s own Nicole Weber.


Written by Nicole Weber, Writer

One day I boarded a train and I was reminded of life. Gazing out the window of the vehicle the scenery ran by like watching a movie in fast-forward. Hills of green grass and lush forested mountains would fly into view only to disappear just as fast. The most beautiful scenes and details lost in a moment when going through tunnels or passing obstacles, only to become fuzzy memories. I wondered, even if I could get a clear view would I miss out on something else. Yet, deep in thought, I forgot I was missing it then. Droplets fell and ran across the window forming webs of water as I began to read. I wanted answers and knowledge. I sought the secrets between each word and the lines of black print ink. The cover and pages becoming worn as I flipped through it again and again. Lost inside, how quick I was to forget that still the world went by outside. How I was missing it then. The sun showed a bright smile and the clouds cleared away as my journey neared its end. Bored, I once more stared out the window. I could draw nothing more from the book and how I had tired of watching the scenery. I wondered, if once more I was missing it. The train came to a halt as quickly as the ride had begun. I cast one final glance out the window, but all I could see was the station wall. As I departed the train I was reminded of life. How I missed it as it flew by.