Breakers Fall Short in Fremont Despite Comeback

Written by EJ Defensor, Sports Editor, Writer

Fremont – In a rare situation for the Varsity Football team, the Breakers find themselves with back-to-back losses after losing to the Fremont Firebirds to close out the preseason.

A number of reasons could be attributed to the loss, whether from the 2 hour bus ride, the sudden change in setting (from the usual dismal PG fog to actual sunlight and warmth), or the illness of starting QB Noah Cryns. However, the Breakers’ secondary QB, Hunter Haynes, revealed his potential in the first quarter after completing spot-on passes and even nearly jumping over the defensive line at one point. The Breakers seemed able to contend with Fremont in the first quarter, even with Fremont having one, but the only, touchdown in the first.

The second quarter, however, was a different story, as Fremont added two more touchdowns to their lead, just within 3 minutes of each other. The Breakers were able to block an extra point after the second touchdown, but had to go into halftime with a significant point deficit for the third game in a row this season.

After the usual rousing halftime speeches from coaches and captains, followed by another Fremont touchdown to open the second half, the Breakers began a comeback to rival that of the Watsonville game, nearly. With about 7 minutes left in the third quarter, a passing touchdown at least ensured that the Breakers would not be shutout this game. Just 3 minutes later, a rushing touchdown from Nick Coppla brought the game within 2 touchdowns. The following drive by Fremont was stopped by an interception from Trevor Moore, which the Breakers turned into another touchdown, this time a pass to Kane Miller. The end of the third quarter was in the Breakers’ hands as the final scoring play was a defensive touchdown by Moore once again, putting the Breakers in the lead by a single point going into the final quarter.

The comeback would only “nearly” rival that of the Watsonville game, since Fremont would actually take the game back in the fourth quarter. The Breakers would not be able to score in the fourth, particularly due to two interceptions from Haynes, perhaps from fatigue or inexperience. In the end, Fremont would add two touchdowns and a field goal to their lead, ending the game with a score of 28 – 43.  

Going into the bye week, the Breakers look to make improvements before the regular season (1 – 2 / 0 – 0 MTAL). The Breakers have a bye week before playing Marina the following week at home on Friday September 23.





Junior Varsity (L): 8 – 40

Varsity (L): 28 – 43


1st Quarter

00:43 – Fremont TD (0 – 7)


2nd Quarter

10:27 – Fremont TD (0 – 14)

07:10 – Fremont TD (0 – 20)


3rd Quarter

11:03 – Fremont TD (0 – 27)

07:52 – PG Passing TD (7 – 27)

04:25 – PG Rushing TD Coppla (14 – 27)

03:26 – PG Passing TD Miller (21 – 27)

01:26 – PG Defensive TD Moore (28 – 27)


4th Quarter

07:03 – Fremont TD (28 – 33)

03:12 – Fremont Field Goal (28 – 36)

01:11 – Fremont TD (28 – 43)