PG Varsity Football Unable to Win First Home Game Against Orestimba

Written by EJ Defensor, Sports Editor, Writer

Orestimba – After their stunning victory over Watsonville the previous week, the Breakers were unable to secure victory for their first home game against the Orestimba Warriors.

In a largely defensive battle to open the game, neither PG nor Orestimba could seem to score in the first quarter.

However, Orestimba would be the first to put points on the scoreboard with a touchdown just 5 minutes into the second quarter. The Breakers, unfortunately, would remain unable to respond as Orestimba expanded their lead with a field goal towards the end of the half to send the Breakers into halftime down 0 to 10.

The Breakers continued to struggle in the start of the second half with another Orestimba touchdown with just 9:24 left in the third quarter. Perhaps to avoid a shutout on their home turf, the Breakers do eventually score with about 7 minutes left thanks to a touchdown from Noah Cryns. Unfortunately for PG, Orestimba does manage to score yet another touchdown with just 1 minute left in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter for the Breakers was ultimately too much, as PG eventually swapped to second and third string players to consolidate losses. Orestimba, too, added to their lead with two more touchdowns in the fourth to bring the final score to 6 – 37 in a Breaker loss.

Overall, the Breakers move into the third week of the preseason with an even win ratio after Friday’s events (1 – 1 / 0 – 0 MTAL). PG looks to recover and face Fremont for an away game on Friday, September 9.





Junior Varsity (L): 33 – 7

Varsity (L): 37 – 6


1st Quarter

No Scoring Plays


2nd Quarter

10:01 – Orestimba TD (0 – 7)

03:46 – Orestimba Field Goal (0 – 10)


3rd Quarter

09:24 – Orestimba TD (0 – 16)

07:47 – PG TD Cryns (6 – 16)

01:37 – Orestimba TD (6 – 23)


4th Quarter

10:40 – Orestimba TD (6 – 30)

07:56 – Orestimba TD (6 – 37)